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How To Unlock New Brawlers Fast? (Easiest Guide For Beginners)

How To Unlock New Brawlers Fast?

In this guide, I am going to show you how to unlock new Brawlers in Brawler Stars via the most deadly-easy explanations.

Basically, there are three ways to unlock new Brawlers in Brawl Stars right now:

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Unlocking New Brawlers Via The Trophy Road

This is the achievement system of the game.

Once you earned 10 trophies, you will unlock the second Brawler, which is Nita. The next one you can unlock is Colt at 60 trophies.

This is the list of all Brawlers you can unlock via the Trophy Road:

As a free to play player, your primary goal is to get 3,000 Trophy trophy threshold as soon as possible to unlock all of the basic Brawlers in game.

Also, once you had 3,000 Trophy, you will also receive 11 Brawl Boxes, 2 Big Boxes, which will give you the chance of unlocking/getting more Brawlers!

Unlocking New Brawlers By Opening Brawl Boxes!

As mentioned above, once you get to 3,000 Trophy, you will receive a decent amount of Brawl Boxes Brawl Box Small Big Box

You also get lots of Brawl Boxes on the way getting to 3,000 Trophy and this should be the main source of getting Brawlers in the game.

Unlocking Brawlers By Buying from the Shop

There are times the shop offers you some special offers that contain random Rare Brawlers or Super Rare Brawlers.

However, it is not recommended to purchase those Special Offers tho.

For now, the best way to spend Gems are to buy Token Doublers and Event Tickets!

How to level up my Brawlers?

Once you unlocked a Brawler, you can start earning the Power Point Power Points of that Hero via the Trophy Road and Brawl Boxes.

Once your Brawlers have enough Power Point Power Points, you can click the upgrade button to level up your Brawlers. This action costs a small amount of Coin Gold.

So, similar to getting Brawlers, you need to either open Brawl Boxes or get Power Point Power Points from the Trophy Road to level up your Brawlers.

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