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How to Improve Your Skills in 5v5 Showdown Mode

Welcome to 5v5 Team Showdown!

In this new mode, the Rules are simple, but the Game is a lot more complex!

Grab 9 other band members and head into a Friendly Showdown for a 5v5 Team Battle Royale!

showdown brawl stars

5v5 Showdown Mode Rules:

Feel free to make up your own rules and have fun with it!

Here are some combinations to try, but the options are unlimited:

I hope your Band has as much fun as Kairos Warriors did when we tried this out!

For some gameplay of this in action, make sure to check out this Best 3 of 5 video I put on YouTube:

Brawl Stars' NEW 5v5 Team Battle Supercell DIDN'T Tell you About!

The video also explains the rules in the first 3 minutes or so, making it the perfect thing to share with your Band Members. Explaining the rules to 9 other people on such a limited chat can be… well… you can imagine.

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