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Who’s the Latest Brawl Stars New Brawler?

Brawl Stars New Brawler Belle

Brawl Stars just got updated at the end of April this year, and what do you know, we got introduced to a brand-new dangerous Brawler named ‘Belle’!

Belle is the brand-new chromatic Brawler we meet when we unlock her as a Brawl pass at Tier 30 as a reward in Season 6. She’s a gangster Brawler who’s not afraid of anything with some pretty cool attacks, powers and gadgets!

Primary Attack

Her primary attack is named ‘Shocker’, which definitely shocks her enemies. She shoots a long-ranged electric bolt that hits multiple targets who are in close range of each other. The bolt hits one opponent, then bounces off to another one and then to another until no target is left, dealing quite a lot of damage in its wake.

This attack bounces off of Belle’s adversaries when they are within 3 tile radius of each other.


This new Brawler has an awesome Super called Spotter. She shoots a spotting shot at one of her enemies and marks them. The Super deals them with minimum damage but marks them and increases the amount of damage they sustain afterwards. So, all damage the marked opponent sustains will be increased by 35%, making it easier to destroy them!

Star Power

Belle also has a really awesome star power that enables her to get a shield every time she uses her primary attack, Shocker. This way, all the damage that she receives from her enemies gets reduced by 25% for 3 seconds. Cool! Now she can live longer!


Now, this gangster surely has a deadly gadget on her hands; she places bear traps on the ground, exploding whenever an enemy steps on it. This super cool gadget deals 500 damage to the enemy that steps on it and the enemies in the 3 tile radius. Other than that, it also slows down all the nearby enemies, which makes it easier for Belle to take down her adversaries!

Tips about the Brawl Stars New Brawler

These are some tips on how to use Belle against all the Brawl Stars Characters and make it to the top of the Brawl Stars Tier list.

Well, I was really excited to play Belle, and I think you will be too. If you read our blog about Belle and use the tips we have provided, we are sure that you will also be victorious and shoot up to the top of the Brawl Stars Tier List with Belle!

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