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Who is the New Brawler in Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars New Brawler

As Brawl Stars keeps updating from time to time, its developers keep their players engaged and excited for newer updates on their Brawl Stars Characters. They modify the older Brawlers by upgrading their skins, profiles, powers and gadgets, making them more powerful than before, and they also add new Brawl Star characters in the game.

Let’s take a look at the new brawler in Brawl Stars!

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At the Starting of the Year

This year’s update brought some new characters at the beginning of 2021, like Stu and Colonel Ruffs. As the year progresses, Brawl Stars’ creators announced again that they are introducing two more Brawlers to the Brawl Stars family!

Who’s excited like me?

Brawl Stars New Brawlers!

These newest two Brawl Stars Characters are a Chromatic Brawler named ‘Belle’, a gang leader and a Mythic Brawler named ‘Squeak’, part of Colonel Ruffs’ Star Force.  

The outlaw chromatic Brawler was introduced in the latest Brawl Stars update. Customary as all Brawlers, this Brawl Stars Character is also equipped with many powers and gadgets.

Main Attack: Her main attack is called Shocker, where she shoots a long-ranged electric shot that bounces between targets after hitting one and damages enemies.

Super Power: This bank-robbing Brawler also has an awesome superpower called Spotter, a long-ranged shot fired at a single target and causes maximum damage. She also possesses amazing star powers where she gets a damage-reducing shield after electrocuting an enemy with her main attack; her other star powers renders the marked target with no power to reload.

Now, what Brawler is left without a super cool gadget? 

Gadget: Her gadget, “Nest Egg”, consists of a trap that she drops on enemies, and it explodes on contact and slows all enemy Brawlers found in the explosion range.

I’m so excited to play Belle Brawl Stars in my next battle!

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Set to be introduced to the Brawl Stars family in May 2021, Squeak Brawl Stars is an alien evolved from the drool on Ruff’s toys, which is why he’s part of Colonel Ruff’s Star Force.

This upcoming alien Brawl Stars New Brawler will be a force to be reckoned with due to his amazing powers. 

Primary Attack: His primary attack is called a “Sticky Blomb” that attaches to enemies and explodes. Woah!

Super Power: He also has some impressive superpower and Star Powers. His Super is called “Big Blob” and consists of a large bomb divided into six more bombs that cause massive damage to enemy Brawlers. One of his Star Powers maximizes his Super, and the other Super slows enemy Brawlers. 

Gadget: He also possesses an amazing gadget called ‘Windup’ that amplifies his main attack and its range.

This looks exciting and interesting; I’m looking forward to unlocking him as soon as he joins Brawl Stars!

Anticipation for More!

Well, now I can’t wait for more exciting updates on Brawl Stars and use more new Brawl Stars Characters. 

The Brawl Stars creators always have some fun new updates every year, and the players are anticipated for more interesting content!


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