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Who Is The Best Among All Brawl Stars Characters?

Out of all the Brawl Stars characters, Colt has to be the best one! He secures the top position in the brawl stars tier list for most of the game modes. 

Overlay Best Character Colt

Colt is a starting Brawler that you can unlock after reaching 60 trophies. He can fire six shots in a single attack which have a long-range with high damage output. With the help of his Super, he can destroy all the covers of his enemies and defeat them effortlessly. 

Colt – Basic Guide for New Players

What Makes Colt The Best Among Other Brawl Stars Characters?

He can attack by shooting straight up six bullets, doing a tremendous amount of damage to his opponents. His attack has a long-range that can even hit distant enemies. Although each bullet does a little damage on its own, no enemy can last in front of them when six are combined. Colt’s attack completes in only 0.75 seconds!

By using his Super, Colt can fire 12 bullets with even more extended range. These bullets are larger in size, with longer range and increased power that can destroy walls and bushes, hitting enemies behind them. The bullets from Bullet Storm can pierce through the enemies, and it takes 1.35 seconds to complete. 

Colt’s Unique Gadgets

When Colt uses this Gadget, he can reload 2 ammo without any delay of reloading. However, Colt cannot use this Gadget if his ammo is already full. It will be activated when he has a minimum of one unfilled ammo. 

With Silver Bullet Gadget’s help, a single bullet does a 2x damage and can pierce through enemies. Not just that, it can also penetrate through obstacles, eliminating all the covers in colt’s path. Keep in mind that the Magnum Special Star Power will affect the range of this Gadget. 

This Gadget’s usage can be determined by the glow above Colt’s head and the glowing attack joystick. Its starts to cool down once the attack has been shot. 

Star Power

This Star Power increases Colt’s movement speed by 13%, making him faster than most Brawlers.

Magnum Special increases Colt’s attack range by almost 1 tile and enhances the bullet’s speed by 11%. However, it does not increases the range of his Super. 

Strategies to use with Colt

These tips will help you play colt like a pro!

Have fun playing Colt!



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