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Who is the Best Brawler in Brawl Stars? Top 10 List!

Top 10 Best Brawl Stars Brawlers

All brawlers of Brawl Stars have a special place in my heart because I have used all of them, at least in one of the game modes. My Brawl Stars Tier List usually varies from time to time whenever Brawl Stars gets an update and boosts the brawlers!

Let’s rank the top 10 best brawlers of Brawl Stars of our Brawl Stars Tier List and start from the 10th best brawler!

10. Bea

Bea Brawl Stars looks innocent, but this queen bee has some high-damaging tricks up her sleeves. Her first attack doesn’t do much to her enemies, but her supercharged second attack puts her enemies in a vulnerable state. 

She also uses her 7-drone Super to cause massive damage to her enemies while also using her awesome gadgets to destroy the offensive party! 

According to us, she ranks at the 10th compared to all the other brawlers because the buzzing Bea still needs some tweaks to perfect her character.

9. Pam

Pam Brawl Stars is a great team member. She doesn’t only heal herself but all her team members as well, making her an excellent asset for 3v3 game modes.

This long-ranged brawler is also quite handy when it comes to taking down her adversaries with her attacks. In the Siege game mode, Heist game mode or Bounty, she uses her primary attack of nine scrap metals shot at her enemies to damage them from a distance.

8. Mortis

This mythic brawler is scary and flings his enemies in all directions! Mortis Brawl Stars uses his shovel to damage his enemies at close range.

He ranks 8th on our list because he is a close-ranged brawler who is at risk when he faces long-ranged brawlers.

7. Sandy

This sleeping beauty ranks 7th on our Brawl Stars Tier List because she may be sleepy but disturb her sleep, and you’ll get her wrath rained on you. Her normal attack is throwing sharp pebbles at her enemies and annoying them as well as causing moderate damage, so beware of this dead asleep brawler!

6. Mr P

It would help if you stayed several tiles away from this frightening brawler because his anger is chaotic. Mr P throws suitcases at his enemies when he’s angry! Beware of his anger if it escalates; he calls on his Robo porters to further his damage on his opponents!

5. Colonel Ruffs

Brawl Stars’ star force leader, colonel ruff, is quite hard on his enemies with his two-laser guns that highly damage his opponents. More provoked, he calls powers from the sky to drop damage on his enemies’ heads. Ranking 5th on our List, Colonel Ruffs is an impressive brawler.

4. Leon 

Leon Brawl Stars, the invisibly damaging brawler, ranks 4th on our list because as much as he’s a fantastic brawler, some brawlers are more robust than him. But Leon Brawl Stars has the power to strategically trick all opposing teams by cloning himself to annoy them and becoming invisible and ambushing them unaware!

3. Jessie 

With her energy orb shooting attack and her trusty turret dog, she is a cunningly powerful adversary for her enemies, which is why she ranks 3rd on the list. Use her in any game mode, and your victory is guaranteed!

2. Edgar 

Being the class assassin, Edgar is a full-fledged damaging brawler. His scarf acts as punching machines, and he flies over obstacles to tackle his enemies and cause maximum damage!


This mad scientist is the star of the show; he has moderate damage, but he experiments with his enemies on the battlefield by attacking them with a dart that causes them damage over time. He watches as they destruct before him, making him victorious.

Ooh! Deadly!

These are the top ten brawlers on my brawls Stars Tier List, and I hope this Brawl Stars Guide will help you choose your top brawlers.

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