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Which Brawler Has The Highest DPS?

Brawl Stars up El Primo Highest DPS

The brawlers with highest DPS (Damage Per Second) make it to the Brawl Stars tier list, as they have the ability to do more damage than the other brawlers. To beat all the enemies, you need to choose a brawler with the highest DPS. 

The Brawler with the highest DPS is El Primo; no matter what range, he can cause tremendous damage to his enemies and gives his teammates a guaranteed win!

Let’s learn all about El Primo and how does he make it to the Brawl Stars tier list

El Primo

El Primo is one of Brawl Stars’ rare brawlers who attacks with his fists and does massive damage to his enemies. He has high damage output and high health, making him the deadliest player in Brawl Stars. 

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Attacking with his Fists of Fury

As I said, he attacks with his fists, hence the name “Fists of Fury”. He can fire a burst of four punches at a short-range, resulting in a great deal of damage. He needs to be closer to his enemies to attack them, and his punches can pierce through them. El Primo can damage multiple enemies with his deadly punches that take only 0.8 seconds to complete. 

Flying Elbow Drop Super

Using his Super, El Primo can jump to another location and deal damage to enemies while knocking them back and damaging their covers. This doesn’t cause much damage, so once he lands, he has to use his main attack to hit his enemies. When El Primo is in air, he is immune to all the damage except damage applied over time. 

El Primo’s Lethal Gadgets

This gadget makes flipping enemies as easy as flipping Pancakes. He flings back his enemies over his head, catching them off-guard and throws them over walls. This gadget can be activated only if any enemy is within three tiles of his range, and it throws them off 6 tiles away from the original location. (If there are no obstacles to block their trajectory)

When El Primo activates this belt, he can summon a meteor that can deal 2000 damage within 3.33 tile radius and targets any entity within 10 tiles. It takes three seconds to land and breaks all the obstacles while attacking the closest enemies. 

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Star Powers

This Star power lets him set fire to his enemies that he hits. This deadly burning effect can do 1200 damage for 4 over seconds. 

When he lands the ground after using his Super, using the Meteor Rush Star Power will increase his speed by 25% for 4 seconds—making his attacks even more damaging.

When it comes to the highest DPS, no one can compete El Primo’s unique abilities and his rage. If you choose him as your Brawler, all the enemies will be intimidated by you. 

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