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Insider View On Mortis and Crow As The Strongest Brawl Stars Characters

Brawl Stars UP Ultimate Player Crow and Mortis

There are so many amazing Brawl Stars Characters with star power, and choosing the strongest one among them becomes really hard. According to my opinion, two brawlers deserve to be at the top in terms of being strong. Mortis and Crow both have some unique powers, and unlocking both of them should be your priority! 

Why? Let’s discuss their characters one by one!

Mortis Brawl Stars

All the brawlers are scared of Mortis as his shovel, and the swarm of bats can send them directly to their grave. It is not hard for Mortis to finish off his enemies, as he dashes forward quickly and attacks them while healing simultaneously by using his Super. Isn’t this what we all want? To beat our enemies and not hurt ourselves in the process. This alone has to be one of the significant factors for Mortis Brawl Stars to be the strongest. 

Brawl Stars Mortis

Mortis Shovel Swing- Main Attack

He attacks his opponents by swinging his shovel and dashing forward. Mortis cannot attack without dashing forward unless there is a wall nearby. His attack isn’t that dangerous because it deals with a very low amount of damage. However, the dash effect gives him an edge because he gets into a close range. His attack has a very low reload speed, so you need to be careful with that. 

Life Blood- Super

Mortis sends a swarm of blood-sucking bats who drain the health of his enemies while restoring his. How creepy is that! Now imagine having such powers in a battle. 

With this Super, Mortis sends these bats in a single direction that can even go over walls. When they reach their target, Mortis heals 125% of his health, but if the bat doesn’t hit the target, Mortis doesn’t heal. Mortis has to attack his enemy to heal himself. 

Just like himself, his bats also have high speed and can hit multiple enemies at once. If they do, the healing percentage is multiplied by the number of enemies attacked. This is a win-win situation! 

Mortis – Deadly Gadgets

  1. Combo Spiner

This gadget lets Mortis spin on his spot and deals 1300 damage to all the enemies within a 3.33 tile radius. However, he cannot use his main attack while using this gadget.

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Mythic | Mortis |
  1. Survival Shovel

When he activates this gadget, his reload speed is increased for four seconds.

Mortis – Star Power

  1. Creepy Harvest

Once he defeats a brawler, he can heal himself 1800 health by using this star power. This star power is what makes him the most dangerous Brawl Stars Characters. 

  1. Coiled Snake

After the support of bats and shovel, he also has the powers of a snake. When his ammunition bar is full, the dash bar will start to charge, which takes 3.5 seconds to complete. Once it is fully charged, his next attacks’ dash becomes 75% more, allowing him to travel like a snake and cover more distance. 

Great against:

Keep him away from:


Crow Brawl Stars

Here comes one of the second deadliest Brawl Stars Characters. The reason why Crow is so intimidating to his enemy brawlers is because of his poisonous attack. He has high speed, and can also attack from a long-range. That makes it impossible for the target to escape from him. 

Brawl Stars Crow

Crow’s Attack- Switchblade

His main attack consists of three long-ranged poisonous daggers. They damage the enemies on contact and keeps dealing damage over time. The effect of its poison damages for 4 ticks and lasts for 4 seconds. So there is no chance for the opponent to heal himself. Once an enemy brawler is attacked with this dagger, their healing effects are reduced by 40%. That makes Crow an asset on the battlefield. 

Super: Swoop

If Mortis’ Super wasn’t deadly enough, Crow’s Super lets him throw a set of 14 poisonous daggers, that too, twice! This makes Crow unstoppable, and he easily crushes his enemies. 

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Legendary | Crow |

With this Super’s help, Crow jumps in the air throwing 14 daggers, and once he lands, he throws 14 more daggers. These daggers widen their spread as they travel, covering a large area. 



  1. Defense Booster

With this gadget’s help, Crow Brawl Stars gains a shield that saves him from 40% of the incoming damage for three seconds. It is pretty useful in the battles.

  1. Slowing Toxin

When combined with his attacks, this gadget will slow down the enemies who were hit by Crow’s poison. This effect lasts for 5 seconds, which is great as your team can finish them off or escape from them. 

Crow Star Power

  1. Extra Toxic

This star power makes crow’s poison extra toxic! It reduces their damage output by 20% as long as they are affected by the poison.

  1. Carrion Crow

Once an enemy reaches below 50% of their maximum health, Crow can deal 120 extra damage on them with his main attack and Super. It also enhances the poison damage, so it makes it easy to finish them off. For the opponents who are attacked with this Star Power, their health bar becomes pink to indicate its activation. Once they gain their 50% health back, the effect of this power will be lost. 

Great against:

Keep him away from:



Mortis and Crow both are dangerous and strong in their own ways, and not to forget, they both are assassins. When they are in the same team, there is nothing that can stop them from winning. One has the ability to drain enemies’ health, and the other poisons them. Although they have weaknesses, their gadgets and star powers help overcome them, making them the deadliest Brawl Stars Characters. 

I hope that this guide must have helped you! Now go ahead and crush your enemies by using Mortis and Crow’s unique powers! 


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