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What Is The Max Rank On Brawl Stars?

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Brawl Stars is a highly competitive game and to keep the players engaged, a system of trophies and ranks has been devised. 

The ranking system of Brawl Stars is dependent upon the number of trophies and whenever a fixed number of them have been obtained, players are promoted to the next rank. Players are awarded 10 Tokens whenever they are promoted to the next rank. 

The brawl stars tier list can be an effective way of using the brawlers that are best suited for any particular event of the game. So, if players choose the right brawler for an event, they are likely to progress through the gameplay ranks quickly.

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What Is The Max Rank On Brawl Stars?

Rank 35 is the highest Rank. Every time your Brawler ranks up 5 ranks, the rank symbol will change color:


Ranking Up Is Initially Easier

As players reach higher Ranks, the ratio of Trophies won will eventually be lesser than how much trophies that get increased.

At lower Ranks, a Brawler will receive more Trophies for victory than the amount that would be lost for defeat. As the Brawler reaches higher Ranks, this reverses. The Brawler will receive fewer Trophies for victory than the amount that would be lost for defeat. So, Proceeding further in the trophy road especially with a high ranked brawler get more difficult. In addition, more Trophies are required to move from Rank to Rank at higher Ranks, so Ranking up becomes more difficult.

Make sure to note that even when the number of trophies possessed by the players decreases below the threshold level, they are not demoted

Trophies Unlock Brawlers & Provide Brawl Boxes

Earning trophies also unlocks several in-game characters. Additionally, players can get Brawlers from Brawl Boxes that are awarded after obtaining the required number of trophies.

Final Verdict

The game has an extensive ranking system and reaching the topmost rank is an uphill task that requires consistency, devotion, and hard work. Therefore players looking to ace their gameplay and reach the Rank 35 must be willing to put in a lot of effort.

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