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What is the Best Star Power for Leon?

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Leon Brawl Stars is the Legendary Brawler who is quite unique and powerful due to his Super. His star power and super lets him become invisible in front of his enemies, which is always an advantage no matter what map or game mode you are playing. brawl

Another thing that makes Leon one of the coolest Brawl Stars Characters is his Star Power; they enhance his Super and make him even more deadly among other brawlers. 

First, we will look at his Star Power, and then we we will see which one is the best and why. 

Leon Star Power

Star Power #1 – Smoke Trails

When Leon uses this star power, his movement speed is increased by 30% when he is invisible. How great is that? Being invisible to your enemies and then moving rapidly to finish all the work. However, it can only be used with his Super and lasts until he is invisible. 

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Star Power #2 – Invisiheal

When Leon’s Super is active, he recovers 1000 health per second. His Super lasts for 6 seconds, so that makes it a total of 6000 health. However, if he cancels his Super with an attack, this Star Power’s effect will be stopped. 

Which one is the best?

It is hard to choose one as both the star powers have a great advantage, which not many Brawl Star Characters enjoy. Still, if we have to choose, then it has to be Smoke Trials. Why? See it for yourself as I break down its importance for each game mode. 

Leon Brawl Stars can be an excellent Gem carrier when he uses Smoke Trails, and it will allow him to quickly swoop in, pick up the gems and escape safely as he will be invisible. He can also sneak up on the enemy gem carrier and finish them off to collect all the gems. 

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He can hit his enemies point blank and escape from there by using his increased movement; this will help him eliminate the opponents quickly and win the battle.

Again, when his speed increases with this Star Power, he can be a great asset for the team. He can outrun everyone and quickly score on the enemy goal

In Bounty, Leon’s Super helps him a lot. But when combined with Smoke Trials, he can keep away from the enemy’s sight, move behind them and catch them off guard with his attack. He can also chase down the retreating enemies and finish them off as he can easily catch them with his fast speed.

Once Leon builds his Super, he can use this Star Power to run to the enemy’s safe quickly. Then he will deal great damage on it with his powerful attacks while the enemies are occupied elsewhere fighting other teammates. 

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This shows how important Smoke Trials is for Leon, and you must get this Star Power if you haven’t already. 

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What is your opinion on Leon’s Star Powers? Do you also like Smoke Trials, or you think that Invisiheal is better? Let us know!


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