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What Is The Best Star Power For Edgar? Edgar Brawl Stars

Edgar Best Star Power

Edgar is one of the popular Brawl Stars characters because of his unique attributes. Just like the other Brawl Stars characters, Edgar has pros and cons as you level up to his star power. Edgar Brawl Stars has moderate health and causes moderate damage. 

He just needs two punches to attack with his scarf at a very short range with the reload speed and extremely fast cooldown. He also slightly heals if he gets the hits by the enemy punch. His Super is a jump that allows him to get closer to the enemies or go over the walls or even escape the enemies.

You can unlock the Edgar by opening the many brawl boxes as possible. You can get the brawl boxes in two ways: 

  1. You can buy them from the shop using the gems;
  2. You can get a rare game currency which is really hard to obtain.

There are 2 Star powers of Edgar. But which one is the best suitable power for Edgar that increases his performance? In this article, we’ll find out which Star Power is best for Edgar.

Star Power

  1. Hard Handling– The first Star Power allows Edgar’s Super to deal damage enemies in the landing area’s effect of super. 
  2. Fisticuffs– This second Star Power enhances the amount he heals per punch.

Why Upgrade the Edgar Brawl Stars?

When you are playing the Brawl Star, one of the game’s crucial and important aspects is to upgrade the Brawl Star characters. When players upgrade the brawlers, it makes them more long-lasting and vulnerable. Upgrading enhances the brawler’s health points leading to bear more damage.

The biggest reason to upgrade the brawler is to use the brawlers’ new gadgets and Star Powers. When you unlock Edgar, you are almost unstoppable with him in the game as his skill set boosts your game appearance to a whole new level.

Best Star Power for Edgar Brawl Stars

Edgar’s Star Power is another feature that needs to be unlocked by updating the brawler to power level 9. This brawler receives the two Star Powers to get rid of each enemy without making you try hard. These Star Powers allow the brawler to use his normal abilities. 

As discussed above, Edgar’s first Star Power Hard Landing, which combines Edgar’s Star Power as the superpower, decreases the 1000 health points of the enemy when he/she lands on the ground after the jump. The next Star Power is the Fisticuffs. This is powerful in terms of healing yourself. Fisticuffs, when combined with the basic skill of the Fight Club, doubles the healing perk. So instead of the 25% health heal, it becomes 50%. 

In the end, if we have to choose from Edgar’s Star Power, we’ll choose Fisticuffs, as this Star Power has double benefits as compared to the Hard Landing. If you choose this Star Power while playing with Edgar, it’ll surely make you win the game.

Tell us your views on Edgar and which Star Power you are going to use if you will play with Edgar?


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