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The Best Star Power For Crow – Brawl Stars Crow

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Crow Brawl Stars is a legendary brawler who is known for his deadly powers of poisoning his enemies. He can deal a fair sum of damage but has low health. He has a star power where he throws three poisoned blades; once they hit the target, they keep dealing damage on them over time. 

When his attack is combined with his Super, it becomes even more deadly. He jumps and throws 14 daggers, and after landing, he throws 14 more daggers. Once he gets in the air, he is utterly invulnerable to any direct damage. This is the reason why all the Brawl Stars characters are afraid of him!

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Brawl Stars Crow Star Power

Extra Toxic

Extra toxic star power allows crow to sap the strength of his enemies by 20%. While using this star power, crow’s daggers will apply an attack debuff, mining their enemies’ strength. The poisoned enemy will now deal 20% less damage than his usual DPS. However, once the poison’s effect wears off, the poisoned opponent will get his usual DPS back. 

Carrion Crow

With this Star Power’s help, Crow Brawl Stars can deal extra damage to the wounded opponents! If an enemy brawler has less than 50% of their usual health, Crow will use his attack or Super to deal extra 120 damage along with amplified poison damage. Not only this, the injured opponent’s health bar will turn pink instead of the usual red to let you know the bonus is active. This effect will wear off once his opponent gets his 50% health back after healing. 

Which Star Power is the best?

Each star power enhances crow’s performance, but for me, the best has to be the Carrion Crow. It is not only good for Crow himself, but it also benefits his teammates as well. There are a few techniques that you can use to make the most out of this Star Power.

How can I get Crow’s Star Power

Once a brawler reaches his maximum level, i.e., Level 9, you will be able to unlock their Star Power. But to make this process fast, there are star powers inside brawl boxes too. 

When it comes to damaging your opponents, Crow Brawl Stars is your best bet! However, he has a really low amount of health; that’s why you must unlock his Star powers so that he can compete with others. 


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