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What Does the S on the Tier List Stand For?

A tier list is a form of ranking system where the highest-ranking is represented by the S Tier followed by the usual ranking system from A to F tier lists.

But why does the S Tier come at the top of the tier list and not at the end? If we are ranking brawlers alphabetically, then the S Tier should come at the very end.

Other questions that the players ask include:

This blog is going to tell you all about the S Tier Meaning.

What does the S in the S Tier list stand for?

The S Tier Meaning in the Brawl Stars Tier List stand for Super, Superb, Superior, Special or a Japanese word “Sugoi”. The word Sugoi is used to voice amazement like “Incredible”, “Amazing”, or “Wow”. This is why the most amazing brawlers are ranked in the S Tier on the Brawl Stars.  

What does S Tier mean?

The S Tier in the Brawl Stars Tier List signifies the brawlers who are superior to all the other brawlers. After the S tier, the normal ranking tiers are present from A to F and to enhance the tier list, sometimes another row is added above the S Tier named SS tier. 

The SS Tier list contains all the players who are even better than the S Tier list players. They are the brawlers that outrank every other brawler in the game and are exceptional in every game map. These brawlers are the best options while playing at random.

Why is the S Tier on top? 

To answer this, we will have to go back on the history of the S Tier and where it came from.

The S ranking system is said to be first introduced by the Japanese academic grading system. The teachers used to grade the truly talented and perfect-scoring students with the rank S, recognizing their hard work and signifying the importance of good scoring.

This grading system was later adopted by the UK academic system and is a large part of the scoring system in video games, followed by the traditional A to F grading system, where the perfect players get sorted in S tier, the best players in A tier, the better ones in the B tier and so on with the worst players in F tier.

Who are the S Tier Players in Brawl Stars? 

If we rank the brawlers from perfect to best based on their prowess in all the maps, then Byron comes out on top of the S Tier list in Brawl Stars Tier List, leaving everyone behind tasting dust.

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