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Which Of These Brawlers Can Counter Leon Brawl Stars?

How to Counter Leon

Leon Brawl Stars is one of the most challenging Brawlers to counter due to his unique and strong powers. His Super allows him to become invisible in front of his enemies, and his Star Power enhances his speed and healing powers. All of these combined makes Leon one of the most difficult character to counter. 

It is all fun and games to have Leon as your Brawler until you face him as your opponent. It almost becomes impossible to counter Leon Brawl Stars when he becomes invisible in front of you, but not anymore because we have found out which brawlers can counter Leon and help you win against him. 

High Damage

Shotgun brawlers such as Shelly, Darryl and Bull can deal high damage on Leon and finish him off easily. 


If shelly sneaks up on Leon successfully, she can deal high damage on him with her Shot Gun. She can also use her Star Power Shell Shock to slow down Leon so that he can be defeated. Shelly’s Star Power heals her; therefore, it won’t be easy for Leon to kill her so quickly. 


Another brawler with a shotgun is Darryl; he can deal a high amount of damage in the close range. If Darryl uses his Super to get closer to Leon, he can wield two shotguns to defeat him. To save himself from Leon’s attack, he can use his Star Power along with his Super to take less damage.


The third Brawler with a shotgun is Bull; he has high health with high DPS. He can easily ambush Leon and overwhelm him. Then he can use his shotgun to knock him back and defeat him successfully. 


Leon can counter another Leon with high damage, as they both will be equally strong with the same powers. 

Medium Damage

Apart from these four, there are some more brawlers that can counter Leon if used right. Although they can do medium damage on him, they can still be helpful in the process of defeating Leon Brawl Stars. 

Brawlers: Legendary - Leon | Brawl Stars

Rosa and El Primo

Being heavyweight Brawl Stars characters, they can counter Leon with their boxing skills. While fighting with Leon, they can take three attacks from him and fight back with equal power making him weak so that other friendly brawlers can come in and finish the job.


She can kill Leon if you move quickly. Tara can use her Super and create a shadow to distract him and get away after attacking. 

Penny, Nit, Jessie, Pam & Tick

They all have a spawnable Super that is useful for creating a shield against Leon. If you choose any one of these Brawl Stars characters, you might have a chance to fend off Leon’s attack while attacking him simultaneously. 

Finishing Leon might seem a big deal, but it is not impossible. Although he is really powerful, other brawlers have unique powers that can counter Leon Brawl Stars. 

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