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Insider View Of 20+ Tips to Mastering The Darryl Brawl Stars Star Power

Darryl Brawl Stars

Darryl Brawl Stars, the super rare and super deadly Brawler, is here to take on the show. Here are some tips on how you can use Darryl’s star power to destroy other Brawl Stars Characters!

Tips on Using Darryl 

These tips will tell you how to use Darryl’s Main Attack, Gadgets, Super and Star Powers:

Primary Attack

  1. Double Deuce

Darryl uses his shotgun and shoots 10 shells in two waves that leave his enemies with medium to high damage. This attack causes more damage at close range, and it deals extremely high damage if it’s fired at point-blank range.

Super Power

  1. Barrel Roll

Darryl can barrel roll at a very high speed for short distances. He can also bounce off walls and roll over enemies, knocking them off and ensuing low damage. Darryl can also go through multiple enemies while rolling. Darryl has a unique Super that recharges back in 30 seconds.

Star Power

  1. Steel Hoops

A shield appears on Darryl while he is using his Super to roll around. This shield takes about 90% of the damage on Darryl caused by his opponents. 

  1. Rolling Reload

When Darryl ends his rolling, he doubles the speed of his reload for 5 seconds while also appearing red and slightly larger.


  1. Recoiling Rotator

Darryl rotates in a circular motion using his gadget and unloads 15 swift single-shelled shots around him. All shells cause 400 damage and have a range of 9 tiles. Each time he hits an enemy, his super gets recharged by 25%.

  1. Tar Barrel 

Darryl releases a slowing tar wave from all direction that slow his surroundings and makes it easier for Darryl to damage his adversaries.

Some more tips for using Darryl to ensure massive damage on your enemies are as follows:

  1. As Darryl is a heavyweight Brawler, his movement speed is slightly greater than other Brawlers, making his retreat and approach effortless.
  2. His Super is also very useful for escaping and attacking his enemies due to his high-speed rolling.
  3. If you use Darryl’s Super over water, his rolling range increases.
  4. In the brawl ball game mode, he can be quite useful in getting to the ball or preventing his enemies from throwing the ball in the goal.
  5. The best way to easily defeat opponents using Darryl is to use his Super to ambush them, then shoot them using the double deuce attack.
  6. He is also a great asset against tick, another Brawl Stars characters. Using his Super and Star Power steel Hoops, Darryl can roll through mine infested grounds without sustaining any damage.
  7. If you time Darryl’s Super properly, he can roll towards his enemies and completely stop their Super from activating.
  8. His Super can be super useful in confined areas; use his Super to revibrate off walls and wreak havoc on your enemies!
  9. His gadget, the recoiling rotator, can be used to map out a grassy map and locate enemies.
  10. The gadget can also be used in heists to attack the enemy’s safe by standing in the middle and pressing the gadget, and rolling clockwise to ensure all bullets hit.
  11. Darryl’s primary attack causes a lot of damage but not consistently when in long range.
  12. You can use Darryl’s Super multiple times during the game.
  13. He can handle short-ranged Brawlers like El-primo quite well.
  14. Be careful in rolling towards spawners like Jessie’s turret and Nita’s bear, your HP is low, and you cannot easily handle two opponents at once. 
  15. When your Super goes out, take time to recharge it before you attack because Darryl’s Super is his best attack strategy.
  16. When you decide on using Darryl, use him as an assassin, not a tank, you’ll win easily!

These are some tips that will help you overcome any obstacle while playing Darryl Brawl Stars, and you can effortlessly defeat other Brawl Stars Characters!

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