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It is time to brawl, it is also time to reveal Pam’s newest look coming in the next brawl stars update now I do need to be very clear that the update isn’t happening anytime soon in fact we know that the updates not gonna happen until May because of brawl talk right.

We’ve got a super exciting update for you it’s gonna last us all the way through May but I do have oily access to Pam’s remodel that is coming in the next update and then I’m gonna use my time-traveling abilities to look into the future and predict what’s coming to the next update. Now it is time to reveal the thick lady and her new look. I’m not gonna choke game okay all jokes aside I really want to know what you guys think about Pam’s look so drop a comment below rating it from one to five, one would be that you prefer the old model five is that you prefer the new model and three is you’d like both of them equally okay now I do just want to point out a few features including her cool gun the bow in her hair, her backpack as well as a keychain that looks just like Jessie’s backpack. You’ll also notice that necklace that she has, it used to be a tattoo on her arm with a cog and a heart in the middle of it. It actually kind of looks a little bit like a bolt super cool I think it’s referencing maybe a long-lost husband that isn’t into the game yet maybe that’s sneak peek for an ex brawler okay.

Let me predict what is coming in the next updates, not all Pam gameplay because eventually, you’ll just get sick of me playing against bots but full disclaimer that I do not have any inside information on what is coming other than the Pam remodel but of course that hasn’t stopped me from correctly guessing things in the past.

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More Brawl Stars Update


Let’s start with what’s happening with tickets and ticketed events we know the tickets are going away since the last update we can no longer purchase them and they are no longer dropping from boxes but what about ticketed events on the weekends right I don’t know about you guys but I love those modes especially big game in boss fight and I actually have a soft spot for you know Robo Rumble. I’m trying to get the longest time possible I think it’s a lot of fun rest assured I don’t think that they’re going anywhere case somebody asked Frank on Twitter about ticketed events disappearing and he responded by saying who says the modes are going anywhere right now this isn’t one percent clear but I interpret this as that the modes are going to still happen on the weekends but the structure is gonna be a little different as you guys know there is a huge discrepancy for the rewards of each of the events as well as how fun some of the events are right you can earn a ton of tokens from the boss fight for every single ticket but you can only spend one ticket at a time. The big game is the worst value to spend your tickets but it is by far the most fun to play then we have Robo rumble which provides the best value for you to spend gems on what we can’t do anymore but you get the idea the best way to spend your tickets but it feels incredibly grinding after you’ve been doing it for 10 hours.

I did that in a game once it was pretty awful I think the Supercell doesn’t like how each the modes feels unfair in their own certain way. I’m guessing that they’re going to continue to put these events out on the weekend but they’re going to make it so that you can only play them a certain number of times. I think their goal is to make the special events feel more special so you know they’re probably going to make the rewards really high for each of them but they’re gonna be fair for you like across the board really some more fair and depending on you know and complicated stuff but we’ll see what they end up doing. I’m looking in the future here next prediction it is a new ticketed event okay that’s not too surprising right been a while since we got a ticketed event it was boss fight like over a year ago but my guess is that they came up with the decision to get rid of the way the ticketed events work right now because they want to implement something super cool into the game but it would only work with a different setup than tickets which why they gave us some time to burn through our last tickets right now.

3 Brawl Stars Update Speculations

If you guys didn’t see it out on Twitter the more Dias and Binny boy are holding another contest for mapmaking. I believe it’s still going on so check over on Twitter and if you’re in mapmaking see if you can get in on the contest. Now in this contest, they have some very specific goals in mind they are looking for siege, bounty and heist maps in particular and not just any ones but they want fast games for heist heavyweights for bounty and three lanes for seed just kind of the theme of the ones they want its they’re holding this mapmaking contest I believe that we’re gonna get some more heist siege and bounty maps in the next update of brawl stars. I would be insanely shocked if that didn’t happen, I just booked it right now it’s gonna happen so what is the next big thing coming to brawl stars we just got gadgets a very big change to the game they’re pretty darn awesome maybe still some balance needed and I’m pretty sure we’re going to see that in the next update but what is the next big game-changing big new feature coming into browsers well I’ve got three ideas and I feel pretty confident that one of these three ideas is going to be in the next update.

You guys let me know in the comments down below which of the next three things that I’m going to tell you. Do you think is going to make it in maybe none of them maybe you’ve gotten a different idea you can tell me that too and if you’ve got some crazy good idea I will pass it along to the developers. Okay, so all three of these ideas I 100% think that they are going to happen this year. I’m like convinced that they are going to happen they can’t put all three of these in one thing it’s just too much but one of them I think is going to make it in could it be the first one here which is a brawl pass. Now I know some of you are very resistant to the idea of a brawl pass and brawl stars I get it you don’t want you know pay to win and all that good stuff and I get that even though I’m a dirty gym or myself and do understand what you’re talking about that’s why I personally think that it should be paid to look cool not pay to win pay to look cool brawl pass with mainly cosmetic items in the brawl, new skins, new chat emojis, new background stuff.

You know anything that’s visual that’s what I think should be in the brawl past not tokens and coins and that sort of stuff I mean they probably would put some of that stuff in there but I don’t want it to be too heavy on that I don’t want you to have to feel like you’re obligated to get into the brawl pass if you want to progress your account now if you want to get in there to look cool I’m all for it but I think that’s one of the things that definitely is going to happen if you are really hoping that brawl stars will not add brawl pass. I think you’re setting yourself up for disappointment because let’s face it it’s a good moneymaker for brawl stars it’s done really really well in clash clans it’s done really well in clash Royale it’s most likely going to be coming in some iteration to brawl star.

And personally I’m with the idea that’s my first thing that I think could be coming in this update the second thing present plunder, do you remember that game-mode it’s pretty cool but they took it away. I don’t know if they really gave it a fair shake, there were some you know definite problems with the game-mode in itself but I think with some tweaks it could be a really good capture the flag game mode and that’s what I’m saying on for number two is a new game-mode capture the flag that is basically present plunder but reworked to feel much more balanced and no more tilting ships please I didn’t like the tilting ship thing it just no no but I think that it’s definitely going to be coming back at some point and this could be the update that they rework it and give it another try and the third thing and my personal feeling that this is what it could be is an in-game map maker now I know I mentioned it last update but I am still 100% convinced that is going to be coming in to brawl stars very very soon in that talk that I had with the developers in the behind brawl star series when I asked him about an in-game map maker they were very very careful with their words.

I’ve been around long enough to know that, that’s a good clue that yeah it could be coming and I think that it will be not only that but with the addition of having more dias who is a very well known map maker for browser she created the first-ever you know community-made map in brawl stars thousand lakes he’s now been working with brawl stars holding these contests now maybe that’s just because he knows maps really well and is good at running the contest very very well could be true and it is true however I think it’s more than that I think that he’s got a very good map making utility called brawl craft.

I’ve already started this specific idea but I would love a ticketed event it’s like a dungeon crawler you and your teammates only have one life once you’re dead you’re gone and your teammates have to carry on without you and as you get further and further into a dungeon it gets harder and harder to do right. I’m thinking mortises mortuary right it’s already got tickets right in front of the building so that would be awesome another ID. I would love to see would be a ticketed event with its kind of like takedown and big game but like you have nine regular brawlers against one giant brawler or giant robot that you actually get to play you got access to special abilities like rocket launchers waves of lasers a way to like charge across the map in any way that you want to. I don’t know right Supercell could do a ton of different things and I really can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeves right they got some plans. I want to know what the plans are let me know what the plans are.

Brawl Stars Update Theme

Okay now for this next prediction I’m going to look into the past brawl talk about what we got in Mays update last year in case you don’t remember what it was it was the Retropolis update we got Bibi, the release environment that helps complete the broilers universe and three retropolis themes skins this has me thinking that the next update is going to eat all about the mystic theme right. I don’t know what it’s gonna be called it’s gonna be pyramids there’s gonna be like cool buildings and stuff we’ve already got a hint of it in this brawl source animation right. I’ve already talked about this theme before it so I’m not gonna go into details but I would not be surprised to see some skins for ballers that fit like Terra’s and Sandy’s theme if you ask me it’s about time.


Okay I’m looking in the past again I’m getting something I’m getting something Oh old game modes I’m talking about takedown Lone Star present plunder hot zone life leech all of these are game modes that we’ve gotten in the past but are no longer playable. I’m sure many of you has one of those that you were like I love that game mode and some of you probably dislike some of them and really don’t want to play them but I think that what we can all agree on is that we all want more permanent game modes in brawl stars it has been several months since we’ve seen a new game mode put into the game which has me thinking that one of three things is gonna happen one either Supercells planning on testing out a new game mode that they’ve been working on – they’re planning on releasing one of those game modes with some tweaks to make it a little bit better and hopefully a permanent one eventually or three they’re planning on doing what I suggested a couple of dates ago and that would be adding a new event slot into the game that rotates through old modes every day so that we can give feedback on how Supercell can improve them and it would also allow Supercell to compare those lost modes the old modes to each other so they can see which one is like the most worth putting into than comparing them to the current fan favorites like Showdown and Brawl Ball now when it comes to adding a new mode into the game I have compared brawl stars to several other MOBAs and there is one game mode that Supercell has not tried yet that is protect the payload.

Let me explain an idea that I like to call gold rush you got five people on one team you got five people on the other team it takes place on a map that is you know about the size of the Showdown that may be a little smaller. I don’t know basically you have two teams that have a moving caravan that will move along a set path the goal of each team is to destroy the enemy teams Caravan, think of the caravan basically just like a high safe except every now and then it pops out upgrades like energy drinks or power cubes or maybe even the healing mushroom circle right sometimes the paths of the caravans would mean that they like to get close to each other which would then encourage like all-out teamfights and other times they’d be further away from each other which would encourage some players to like focus on protecting their caravan first while other players try to sneak in some damage on the enemy caravan.

I should also note that when you die you would respawn right next to your caravan so that you’re always able to you know be with the heat of battle right if either team it destroys an enemy caravan it explodes with gold coins flying everywhere hence the name gold rush and if neither team destroys the enemy caravan in two minutes, the team that Delta most damage to the enemy caravan would win. Now you may notice that every time I suggest a new game-mode it’s a 5v5 game-mode right that’s because I really want to Brawl to put something in like this like, five versus five. I just want to try it I’m sure that they have tried I’m sure they play tested it within their team they’ve tried five to five and they’re like I don’t know if I like this I don’t know if I want to put this in the game and I so bad supercell let me know what you guys think would you like to try something like that just let me know please you do I know you do just yeah no need to comment just you do okay now a while ago I did a video talking about three issues that brawl stars would face if they didn’t do something to fix those issues in 2020.

They fixed one of those major issues in the last update when they introduced gadgets into the game it is like word for word what I suggested they put into the game and it’s awesome right. I love it the issue was the lack of endgame content that maintains people’s interest for years obviously Supercells gonna have to continue to add more content to continue maintaining people’s interest but the game now has a foundation of like endgame complexity and strategy that it really needs to do well super still can build on top of that in fact I actually really think they’re gonna add a second set of gadgets in the game later this year I’m guessing that it’s not happening this next update though.

I think it’s gonna be in June right before summer we’ll have to see what happens the second issue brawl stars is facing is like a lack of social reasons to continue to play brawl stars specifically surrounding like clubs and you know clubbers Club Wars right this is what I am hoping Supercells going to address in the May update. Hey with the pandemic going on around right now and everybody practicing social distancing this would be the perfect time for brawl stars to introduce something that would get people to interact with each other.

I have talked about Club wars maybe not so much in like the past a year but I talked about it so much a couple of years ago and all the ways that Supercell could add them into the game and you know I do feel like I come with some really good ideas but honestly when it comes to Club wars I’m kind of stumped on how they could make club wars perfect for brawl stars. I will say this though Supercell is known for coming up with unique ways for like clans or clubs to come together to achieve some sort of a common goal viz actually really engaging for the players and perfectly fits in that specific game clan wars in clash of clans was revolutionary it changed mobile gaming forever and it fit clash of clans perfectly I stopped playing clash Royale about when they added clan wars into the game not because of clan war is it just you know I’d started playing brawl stars a lot more publicized but I really liked how they implemented something completely different but that totally worked out for Clash Royale the same is true for Boom Beach and I know nothing about heyday but I wouldn’t be surprised of hey today’s social features are like a perfect fit for that game right.

I am confident that when Supercell does add Club Wars in the brawl stars, it’ll be engaging it’ll encourage more people to interact with each other and it will fit brawl stars in a perfect way. I am crossing my fingers that that is gonna happen in this next update the third issue that brawl stars is facing 2020 is a lack of long-term monetization. I’ve talked about this already I’m not gonna cover the details but with the economy in the state that it’s in right now I don’t think this is the best move but you know even me sake that I wouldn’t say no to more emotes or like custom winning and lose animations or anything else that crawl stars can do to monetize the game for a long term.

I am really curious to know what you guys are hoping for in the next update so please let me know also if you’re not already subscribed I do cover brawl stars update info as soon as Supercell lets me so turning on the notification bell is a good way to make sure you don’t miss that.



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