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Is Brawl Stars Full Of Bots?

Brawl Stars is a hit game with millions of online players. The game currently ranks at number 37 in the Action games category of the Apple App Store. The Brawl Stars PC version is also high in demand. This means that the game is an overall success. 

However, just like several other hit games of the modern-day, it is no secret that Brawl Stars has bots that you have to play against from time to time.

Brawls Stars Up Bots in Brawlstars

For some players, this plagues the overall experience whereas others have come to terms with it. The question is whether or not Brawl Stars is full of bots. And if Brawl Stars PC also has them. Let’s delve into the details.

A Large Number Of Bots In The Initial Stage

According to experienced gamers from around the world, Brawl Stars has several bots during the initial trophy levels. This is similar to the gameplay strategy that Supercell adapted for Clash of Clans thereby making it easier for beginners to grab as many trophies as possible in the initial stages.

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Considerable Improvement Upon Reaching 300 Trophies

Pro-level gamers say that Brawl Stars and Brawl Stars PC are full of these bots till the time players reach 300 trophies. However, some gamers are of the view that bots continue to play their role even after 300 trophies.

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Does Brawl Stars PC Also Have Bots?

Since Brawl Stars PC is just an indirect method of enjoying the smartphone version of the game, players will experience contending with bots here as well.

How To Find If You’re Playing With Bots

Here are some tips from Brawl Stars online communities and forums that can be helpful in identifying the presence of bots in the game. The gist is to check the profile of your opponent after the game has ended.

The Number Of Trophies 

If a character having a lower rank possesses too many trophies, that player is probably a bot. 

Another way to find out if you played against a bot in Brawl Stars and Brawl Stars PC is to see if the Brawler he just used has no change in the number of trophies.

Missing Brawler In The Opponent’s Profile

Check the profile and see if the brawler used by the opponent appears in his profile or not. In case the character is missing, you are playing against a bot. 

Final Verdict

So, one thing is certain. Brawl Stars and Brawl Stars PC are full of bots and if you are a seasoned player of the game, that has spent several hours in the gameplay, you’ve probably played against hundreds if not thousands of bots during your gaming sessions.

Feels irritating or disturbing? Well, it shouldn’t. You got what the game promised i.e. sessions of feature-rich and extensive gameplay.


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