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Brawl Stars Tier List and Beginner’s Guide

Brawl Stars Tier List Ultimate Guide

Welcome to Brawl Stars! Are you Up for the Challenge? We’ve noted everything you need to know to help you become a Brawl Stars Pro in no time!


First things first, for those of you who are new to this game let’s give you a quick guide on Brawl Stars.


Brawl Stars is a third-person shooter game where you have to take out your opponents to win. This game has different players known as Brawlers and various adventurous Game modes. 

Shelly - Best Strategies and Tips Brawl Stars UP!

As a beginner, you will get ‘Shelly’ as your Brawler, and the game mode will be ‘Gem Grab’. Shelly is a great Brawler with a super ability to destroy the enemy even when they are in their covers. 

Once you get the hang of it, you will soon start earning trophies and coins. Then unlock new brawlers and game modes that would ignite your competitive soul and give you all that adrenaline rush!

Now that we are done with the basics, let’s give you some insights on this game!




The only way to up your gameplay is through brawlers and choosing the right brawler for each game mode is the main aspect of Brawl Stars. Each has its own super ability that gets activated when you hit your enemies multiple times.

Brawlers’ unique stats make them the best in one game mode and the worse on the others. The key is to learn about their pros and cons and then select the best for your game mode.


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Game Modes

There are 9 Exciting Game Modes/Events, each with its own sets of challenges and objectives. Check their individual pages for more information:

You get to battle against other players, either solo or in teams for 3v3 modes.

Brawl Stars UP tips and tricks: Best Brawlers, how to get Star Tokens & more



Trophy Road

What fun is a game without some challenges? Trophy road should be your main objective in this game. To unlock new brawlers, game modes, and rewards all you need to do is keep playing and earn Trophies. Whatever trophies you will earn will be added to your total trophy score, which is the main ranking system and helps you climb in on the trophy road to get the best out of this game.




Brawl Stars Tier List

This list helps select the best Brawler for your game so keep an eye on this!

Brawl Stars Tier List tells which brawler is best in which game currently. It has three different tiers for each game mode. 

As a beginner, you will play Gem Grab mode. Here is an insight on the current tier list for Gem Grab, it tells you who is at the top and which qualities they possess that can help you achieve your target! 

This is what each tier means:

Those brawlers who are not in the list, are not competitive.



Tips and Techniques!

Here are some pro tips to help you become the best from the rest.


Now that you are all set to go ahead play the game. Your adventure is waiting for you!





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