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Bibi Brawl Stars – From New Brawler To Retropolis Update

The new Brawler named Bibi was just released in the huge Brawl Stars Retropolis update in May. Let’s take a closer look to see how she is and the best ways to use Bibi Brawl Stars!

bibi brawl stars

Bibi Brawl Stars – The New Brawler!

Brawl Stars Bibi

Brawl Stas and Basic Information

Type icon Type: Melee / Short Range Super icon Super Range: 40 tiles
Attack icon Attack Range: 3.3 tiles Speed icon Speed: 3.07 tiles per second
Attack Reload icon Attack Reload: 0.8s
Role icon Role: Tank, Aggro
Attack icon Attack Radius: 3.3-tile cone Rarity icon Rarity: Epic
Star Power
Star PowerBibi gains more movement speed once the Home Run bar is fully charged!

Level Stats


Level HP icon Health Attack icon Attack Damage Super icon Super Damage
1 4200 1300 1000
2 4410 1365 1050
3 4620 1430 1100
4 4830 1495 1150
5 5040 1560 1200
6 5250 1625 1250
7 5460 1690 1300
8 5670 1755 1350
9-10 5880 1820 1400

Regular Attack: Three Strikes

Her swings her bat and deals massive damage to a large area. She can deal up to 1820 damage over a massive area per swing. She could be really strong in teamfights.

Rosa or El Primo could deal up to 2016 damage with one attack but that is in case all of their punches actually hit the target.

Biibis Regular Attack

Her attack actually has a bit of a short delay. However, she is still able to move around while loading her attack, not like Frank. The delay is slightly longer than Frank’s delay.

Regarding to her attack range, it is about 3.3-tile long. For reference, Rosa’s attack is 3.6-tile long and El Primo’s attack is 3-tiles long. Bibi has a very short range in comparison to all of the other brawlers in the game.

Reload speed is 1.55s, which is pretty similar to Nita and El Primo. She might even have the fastest reload speed in the game. Combining with the attack damage, she will be a real big deal.


A maxed level Bibi

HP – Bibi Brawl Stars

With 5880 HP at max level, Bibi Brawl Stars has the sixth-highest HP in Brawl Stars.

She’s got a decent amount of survivability but still it’s a bit lower than other short range brawlers like Rosa, El Primo or Bull.  But against some long range squishy Brawlers, she’s going to be very strong.

Movement Speed – Bibi Brawl Stars

Her movement speed is very similar to Bull, El Primo and other tanks.

However, when she the special ability Home Run charged up, her movement speed gets increased a lot (3.07 tiles per second, just slightly slower than Carl’s Super)

Pushback Mechanic: Home Run

When Bibi has all of the three ammos charged up, she starts to charge her special ability, which takes about 2 seconds to charge up this super ability.

At the next swing, she will push the targets away. She also gains an insane moment speed while having this ability charged up (


This Home Run ability is a massive deal because it looks like the knock-back is about 4 tiles long. It’s basically the equivalent of getting pushed back by 4 Shelly Supers.

Her special ability actually resets animations and this is another big deal (while some other Brawlers can only do that with their Supers).. That way you can effectively waste the enemy regular attacks or even their Supers.
For example, Bibi can prevent Frank from casting his massive Super.

Brawlers like Pam, who has a long irregular attack animation, will be getting a lot of struggles against Bibi.

However, since she has a very short range which means that most of the brawlers are actually gonna benefit from keeping their distance from her.

Also, If she actually knocks those brawlers too far back, it will be difficult for her to take them out sometimes, or even like chase them down.

There are some situations where it will be more beneficial for her to waste an attack so that she doesn’t knock the players back before attacking them.

Note: Once the special ability charged up, her bat is pretty bigger. You can use this trick to see whether the enemy Bibi has her special ability ready or not.

Bibi’s Super: Spitball

She shouts out a big bubble gum that travels an insane distance, 40 tiles. It continues to bounce off of walls until it eventually pops.

The bubble deals 1400 damage in a large area and is able to deal damage to the same targets multiple times.

Bibi fully charges up the Super after just 3 attacks.

Star Power: Home Run

Bibi gains insanely fast movement speed when the Home Run bar gets fully charged.

Best Tips for New Brawler Bibi

Focus on charging her Home Run bar as it has loads potentials

Bibi Brawl Stars Gameplay Videos


BIBI OLYMPICS! | How Does Bibi do in EVERY Test?! | New Brawler Bibi

Based off of these stats and the gameplay from Brawl Talk, I think that Bibi is definitely going to be a very strong brawler. I don’t think Bibi is gonna be as strong as Rosa was when Rosa was first released or Leon.



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