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Top 5 Supers in Brawl Stars PLUS Tips on How to Win Quick Games

How to Win Quick Games

All the Brawl Stars characters are fantastic, which makes the game fun and easy to play. The Brawl Star is surely difficult to master as each character has different stats, abilities, weapons, and stats that offer endless possibilities and challenges. However, with some gadgets and Super, you can play a much better game in the long run regardless of which Brawl Star character you like to play. 

Brawl Star has 4 main game modes: Heist, Smash & Grab, Showdown, Heist and Bounty. Each mode is different from a distinctive objective.

While playing with the Brawl Star characters, who doesn’t want to win the game? Every passionate Brawl Star player wants to maximize the trophies and star points while unlocking more brawlers.

This article will discover the best supers and tips and tricks to win the Brawl Star games quickly. 

Top Five SupersBrawl Stars Characters

Shelly Brand Aid

Shelly gains a bar similar to Bibi’s Super home run bar, which takes 15 seconds to charge completely. But, If shelly has over 40% of the health and gets defeated in the one blow by the high damage brawler like a bull, her Star Power will not activate, and she will have to wait another 15 seconds to get the Band-Aid. 

Darrel Steel Hoops

During his Super, Darryl is granted the shield that decreases the damage taken by 90%. But the shield only lasts until Darryl stops the rolling. This makes his Super better for safely escaping the less risky and dangerous situations when the super is being used. 

BIBI Brawl Stars Home Run

This Super of Bibi is useful when her ammo meter is filled, and her home run bar is completely charged. Her speed movement is enhanced form 820 points to 920 points. But, Bibi will move at the normal speed again after using her home run swings. 


POCO Brawl Stars Da Capo

This let the Poco heal allied brawlers for the health of 700 with the regular attack while damaging the enemy brawlers at the same time. But, the Poco can’t heal himself with this super. The Poco heals amount is not affected by the power cubes. 

Penny- Balls of Fire

The Penny’s Super cannonballs can hit the enemy and make a burning effect for the 3 seconds that acts just like the Barley’s Super’s, but Penny’s Super is 2 seconds longer. If the enemy is in the burning area, they’ll usually take the 400 damages per second for the total of the 1200 damages. However, burning damages can stack. 

How to Quickly Win Agaist Other Brawl Stars Characters?

The above tips and the supers are the best in the Brawl Star town. If you want to play in the long run, these options can take you far in the game. However, every mode and Brawl Star tier list has different requirements, so before moving forward, try to match your gaming style with the brawler’s style.


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