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Naming The BEST Brawlers in EVERY Mode – PRO Tier List

Best Brawlers Tier List

Brawl Stars Pro Tier List v22 by Kairos Time!

It is now time for us to talk about the overall 3v3 tier list. Now, as a reminder, brawlers get points based off of what tier placement they get in all six of the 3v3 modes.

KairosTime has shared his recent Brawl Stars Pro Tier List v22 and removed points from solo and duo showdown tier lists, since they are no longer part of power play and are not considered to be competitive by the pro community.

Brawl Stars Pro Tier List For Competitive Meta

  • S – Excellent: Excellent on almost all maps/comps; Best options for randoms.
  • A – Great: Great on most maps & comps; Okay with randoms.
  • B – Good: Maps & comp dependent; Team highly recommended.
  • Brawlers not shown are not competitive.
  • This list is based on balance
  • This Brawl Stars tier list is for competitive meta.

This tier list was put together with the insight from other pro player collaborators and overall adjustments were made to how much each tier is worth. B-tier placements are still worth one point, A-tier placements are now worth three points instead of two, and S-tier placements are worth nine points instead of three. This way, a highly competitive S-tier brawler for one game mode will score higher than a mediocre brawler, who’s really only okay, but happens to be B-tier here in several of the game modes.


Now at the very bottom of the tier lists are Crow, El Primo, Leon and Shelly, who did not even get put into the B-tier for any of the 3v3 modes. Now, interestingly enough, Shelly has actually been in dead last for the tier list for the past 15 months.

You’ll also notice that Gene, Rosa, Frank and Gale dropped down significantly since the last tier list and are now in the B-tier.

Now in the A-tier, you’ll notice both Brock andCarl who were previously at the top of the last tier list. And then you’ll also notice Mortis, who’s gone up into the A-tier with his increased viability in three modes.

And at the very top of the S-tier is Colt, who is ranked as S-tier for five of the six 3v3 modes. And following him is Byron who was S-tier for four of the 3v3 modes. Next, we have 8-Bit who got a huge buff too, and really made him a lot more viable and Edgar who is viable in, well, every game mode. B also went up in quite a few modes since her gadget was neglected in the previouS-tier list. And despite both Max and Spike decreasing their tier in three games modes, they are still barely within the S-tier.

Keep checking back for more updates on the latest tier list and what it means for your gameplay.


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