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The Ultimate Guide To Using Crow In Brawl Stars

 This enigmatic creature just appeared in town one day. Nobody dares to ruffle his feathers – not anymore!

Crow Brawl Stars Character Guide





In this particular match-up, it’s hard to get the upper hand. They both have a similar range, but Shelly does more damage and has more health so make sure to keep your distance. Even if you manage to dwindle Shelly down quite a lot, she can hide behind a wall and there is nothing you can do about it without risking getting blasted by her shotgun. However, if you and your teammate double-team her, then it isn’t so hard.


Do not engage in fire with Colt in an open path. His bullets will absolutely shred you, so make sure it isn’t some open field. Also, hide behind walls to help avoid Colt’s bullets. Fighting Colt with Crow is somewhat difficult because he out-ranges you.


This is a good matchup for Crow. He can outrange Nita and slowly poison her down. Nita’s piercing attack isn’t useful in this situation as well, so you are all good. The only concern is her bear. This will make the encounter harder, as you will have the run away and slowly kill off the bear without having Nita recharge her Super again.


It is not advised to 1v1 Dynamike when there is a wall between you. Just saying. Try and force the opposing Dynamike into an open area so he can’t use walls to retreat. Due to his low health, Crow can finish him off quickly. However, beware of his bomb, which might be able to 1 shot Crow in some cases. Try using the escape Super to avoid this.

El Primo

Keep your distance. The second you are the range of El Primo’s fists you are dead. Since you can walk faster than Primo, just keep chipping away at him until he decides you aren’t worth it. In other cases, you can push the Primo back so much and there is literally nothing they can do.


It’s the same thing for El Primo, except be more careful. For one, Bull’s shotgun has a longer range than Primo’s fists, so keep your distance. Also, keep in mind Bull’s Super, and know that you can dodge it with your own Super.


This isn’t such a difficult encounter. Because of Crow’s fast movement speed and Brock’s slow recharge speed, Crow can dodge Brock’s missiles and come in for the kill before Brock can do anything. Just make sure your running patterns are unpredictable so you have an even less chance of getting hit.


This is quite similar to Dynamike, except it’s probably a bit harder. Barley can control more area and force you to retreat more. This is why you face him in the open and dodge his splash damage. Beware of his Super, which there’s nothing you can really do except run away from it.


When going against Jessie, you can outrun and outrange her. This is incredibly useful; just make sure you aren’t clumped up together with your teammates. This will quickly charge Jessie’s Super and her turret is annoying to deal with for Crow.


Since Poco has a wide arc and not a long one, approach him from the front and not the sides. Even if Poco heals himself, the poison will eventually do its thing if you keep applying pressure. The thing is that Crow should be aggressive against almost every brawler, but not the point where you run in their base and get demolished in a couple of seconds.


Do not get trapped with this guy in between walls or obstacles. Since Ricochet outranges Crow, this is a difficult matchup. Try and make your movements unpredictable so the opposing Ricochet keeps missing and becomes frustrated.


Bo’s arrows deal a significant amount of damage to Crow, even if it seems like they don’t. Just like with most other Brawlers, slowly chip down Bo’s health so that a teammate or you can finish him off.


This is where your dodging skills will be put to the test. Piper can finish you in 2 shots in most cases, so use the beast of your health. Don’t stand in the open, but rather work your way around obstacles and fire a pair of darts to annoy Piper.


Pam’s healing station is what really ruins Crow in this matchup. His damage is simply too weak to get rid of the station, and it just helps Pam charge up another one. She also has a lot of health and a wide range. Couple this with the fact that Crow has low health, this isn’t a favorable matchup, so try and stay behind walls or in the grass and dart out occasionally.


Keep your distance.  Once Mortis gets close enough only your Super can save you. If you stay away from Mortis, it will probably be a stalemate because he doesn’t want to risk taking a lot of damage when getting close to you. After all, Crow doesn’t have that wide of a range, like Poco.


Tara’s tarot cards are a major threat to Crow, and they deal decent damage. Paired with the fact that Tara has more health than Crow, this isn’t a good matchup, and Tara will most likely come out on top. Even if you escape with Crow’s super, your only hope is to outrun Tara.


In this mirror matchup, you simply have to hope you have more elixir than your opponent and play better. Use your Super smartly and don’t waste random attacks by missing. Try and hit your target more than they hit you. This will make you come out on top.


Spike also has low health, but his spike projectiles do inflict a lot of damage. If you get trapped in his Super, always use Crow’s escape Super to regenerate health and re-enter the battle. Beware of this little cactus, and see who the best legendary in the game really is!

Upgrade Priorities

  1. Attack – Crow is meant to deal damage by slowly poking away at his enemies, and prioritizing damage will only make this process quicker.

2. Health – Health is also decently important, as Crow only has 600 Base Health. However, I think damage should be prioritized over health because Crow isn’t meant to tank or anything like that. Instead, he is meant to annoy the opponents and force them to retreat unless they want to risk dying by poisoning.

3. Super – The worst thing about Crow is his Super, as it’s only an escape mechanism. I share more of my thoughts on his Super here, and how it can be fixed to be more useful and fitting for Crow’s play-style.


Ultimately, Crow is a great support brawler. He is not meant to be in the middle of the battlefield, but rather at the side, poking at enemies and being a nuisance. Although this may not seem effective, it works charms, especially over time as you dwindle away the opponent’s health. Crow can also outrun and outrange most other brawlers. Due to his low damage and inability to shoot over walls, however, Crow is better in open areas, or at least a ma without too many obstacles, and especially not Heist.

Submitted by Harkan.

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