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The Ultimate Guide to Brawl Stars Gems

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What are Brawl Stars Gems?

Ahh, gems. The lifeblood of Supercell. If you are new to the games by Supercell, Gems are a form of in-game currency that can be bought through in-app purchases. They are what make the difference from a smaller game company to Supercell: the multi-billion dollar company.

brawl stars gems

At this point, you must be wondering: Why would people buy gems? The main reason is that it speeds up in-game progress.

Gems can be collectible in-game for Clash of Clans or Clash Royale; however, in Brawl Stars, they are only obtainable through in-app purchases.

How do I buy Brawl Stars gems?

Of course, you can buy Brawl Stars gems. However, in this beta stage of the game, there are many limitations on how you can buy them.

First of all, since Brawl Stars isn’t released worldwide yet, many people are at a loss on how to get some of their money into BrawlStars, seeing as the Canadian ID that they use does not have a valid credit card on it.

Here is what you want to do; you must buy online codes for Canadian iTunes Gift Cards. This sounds simple enough, but many people will go through many sites, first of all trying to find Canadian codes, and then possibly being scammed out of their money when a site turns out to be fake! Luckily for you guys, I have a great website that uses secure ways of payment.

puchasing event ticket deals with gems

This link will specifically take you to the part of the site where you can buy Canadian iTunes Gift Card Codes.

In order to use this site, you will need to sign in or register an account. You can easily use 10-minute mail to create a throwaway email to use for signing up. The one part you will have to plug a legitimate answer to is the phone number. Rest assured that the people will not send you spam, and it will only be for a simple one-text verification code. Once this is completed no more texts will be sent, and your phone line will remain completely normal.

PC GAMES Supply is a trustworthy site that you can be sure will not scam you out of your hard-earned money. I can vouch from personal experience as I used this site to use some of my US currency and turn it into a $25 Canadian Code. To buy the card, click “Add To Cart” and select your payment option.

Out of all the payment options, I would recommend using PayPal. PayPal offers a safe and guarded way of paying for online goods. Click on the “Pay with PayPal” Button will redirect you to the PayPal site for login, without releasing any of your personal info to the site.

After your PayPal (or other payment methods) is verified you can click view transaction, and it will take you to your code. Simply redeem your code on iTunes and gem away!

I want Brawl Stars gems, but I don’t want to have to spend my money.

Before all the Free-To-Play players reading this freakout, there is a way to get Gift Cards without spending actual money.

If you feel this way, you are not alone. Not many people would like to spend their hard-earned money on pixels. Luckily, there are a plethora of ways that you can earn money on iTunes or on any other platform.

If you look into any description of Supercell Game youtube videos, you will likely see a link and a code for their FreeMyApps link. FreeMyApps is a website that rewards you with credits for downloading apps. These credits in turn can be redeemed to buy any desired gift card.

However, FreeMyApps does little to reward those who download it, and favors those who share it. It takes days if not weeks to grind enough money for a $10 gift card. Not to mention that it requires you to make changes to the iOS settings to run it properly. This is why I would recommend a much better app called, PocketFlip.

First of all, PocketFlip is an actual app. There is no need for you to install operating system changes; just simply install the app and follow directions to start earning money. PocketFlip is a clearly superior way of earning free gift cards. It took me 2 hours (over the course of 1 day) on the app to get enough coins to buy a $10 Canadian iTunes Gift Card Code. Unlike FreeMyApps, it offers high prize rewards for simply downloading and opening certain apps.

To add to the easiness and accessibility of getting money, you can put in the discount code, “hejrny324” while viewing a prize to get an extra 100 coins!

Once you have enough money to get a gift card (Lowest Canadian Gift Card is 5500 coins) make sure that your prizes are set to Canada. To do this, click the drop-down menu on the top left of the screen and select CA.

Claiming a reward is simple. Once you have sufficient coins for the prize, you can click on the prize, and use coins to get it. At this point, it will take a couple of minutes/hours to verify the code, at which point it will give you a link to a website. Simply copy-paste that website into Safari (or any other search browser), verify you aren’t a robot, and it will give you your code!

Just go to the App Store and redeem this code to claim your prize!

What is the best way to use Brawl Stars gems?

Now that you have your money, you need to figure out how to spend it. Firstly, the most obvious choices would be to buy the value packs which include: Shelly’s Stash, Bull’s Bag, and Poco’s Pack. Each pack gives one Big Box (    10 regular brawl boxes) and 80, 170 and 350 gems respectively. Once you don’t have enough money to buy the value packs, spend the rest on the regular gem packs.

After opening your Big Boxes, you’re left with your Brawl Stars gems. The most obvious way choice would be to get more big boxes or if you have enough, Epic Brawler Boxes (Do not buy the Rare/Super Rare Boxes!) However, if you want to make the most value out of your gems go for Coin Boosters. Yes, you read that right.

Although Big Boxes already provide more value than the regular Brawl Box in terms of gems, Coin Boosters Provide even more. Here’s the math:

Let’s base the math on the fact that 100 coins equal 10 gems. (Brawl Boxes cost 10 gems or 100 coins) This means that a Big Box provides 1.25 times more value than 10 regular boxes (80 gems instead of 100). As for coin boosters, there are two kinds of coin boosters: the Coin Doubler (2x for the nest 1000 coins) and the Coin Booster (+50% for the next 7 days)

The coin doubler provides even more value than the Big Box. For 50 gems, you, in essence, earn 1000 coins by doubling the next thousand you earn from matches. By our definition of the brawl Box costing 100 coins or 10 gems, we are getting 10 Brawl boxes for 50 gems instead of 80 or 100 gems giving us two times the value compared to buying individual boxes.

Now let’s take a look at the Coin Booster. The coin booster gives an additional 50% coins from the coins you earn from matches for seven days. If we assume that each day we completely earn the amount of coins from the first three events (excluding coins from leveling up brawlers and inexperience). We will gain 168 coins each day which means In seven days we will earn 1176 coins a week. 50% of this is 588 coins. This means we are paying only 20 gems for about six brawl boxes giving us about three times the value!

There are a few things to note about these calculations. First of all, if you are NOT an active player it is recommended that you should spend your gems on Big Boxes as it takes quite a bit of time to collect the coins of all events. Rarity boxes are not accounted for in these calculations so feel free to open an Epic Box if you do not have any epic brawlers. It is advised against opening Epic Boxes if you already have an epic brawler as the chance of a duplicate is high. Lastly, value packs are unlocked based on your experience level so if you are just starting out you will only have access to the beginning packs. Nevertheless, the first pack that is unlocked provides the most value.

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