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The Best Brawl Stars Tips For Every Single Brawler

Brawl Stars Tips for Every Brawler

The Best Brawl Stars Tips for Every Brawler

Do you want to crack the code of winning each and every game? The key is to know your brawlers very well and utilize their abilities and supers to the fullest! 

In this blog, we have the best Brawl Stars tips for you so that you can make the most of these players. 


Shelly has shell shock star power that can slow down other Brawlers trying to escape, allowing her and her teammates to catch up and eliminate them effortlessly. She can also interrupt other Brawlers’ Supers by pushing them back if she hits them with her Super during their wind-up.

Shelly - Best Strategies and Tips Brawl Stars Up!


Bull does the most damage when he is close to his target, so get in there and defeat your enemy by attacking as close as you can. Don’t forget to take advantage of bushes or thin choke points to ambush your enemy.

Bull Basic Information, Strategies and Tips Brawl Stars Up!


Since Brock has relatively low health, so it’s best to keep him behind other teammates and use his super when the opponents group up, or one of them is hiding behind a wall.

Brock Brawlers Guide and Basics Brawl Stars Up!


With Piper, try to predict your enemy’s movement when firing. Her shots are narrow, so you will have to aim ahead of your target if they are moving to stop them from escaping the shot. 

Piper - Basic Information and Tips Brawl Stars Up!


Poco is an excellent team player, use his star power to attack as many targets at once so that the teammates get time to heal while enemies take damage simultaneously. It will allow your team to live longer while weakening the opponent players.

Poco Brawl Stars Up!


Carl’s pickaxe bounces off and returns after hitting an obstacle, letting him throw it again faster. So this mechanism can be utilized by pushing enemies near a wall. Carl can quickly do lots of damage with this Power Throw Star Power that will be highly effective in Showdown and Heist.

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Take advantage of Nita’s ability to hit multiple enemies from a fair distance when enemies are gathered closely. She can also throw her Super over walls to deal with the enemies hiding behind them. 

Nita - Best Strategies, Matchups and Game Mode Tips Brawl Stars Up!


When Jessie hits a target, her attack will always bounce towards the nearest target that hasn’t already been shot. So you can use this to determine enemy positions no matter where they are on the map.

Jessie - Stats, Tips and Matchups Brawl Stars Up!

Use these Brawl Stars tips to get the most value out of each Brawler and unleash them onto your enemies!

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