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The Best Heist Strategy with Crow and Colt

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Hello Brawlers! I’m bringing to you a guide originally published in a YouTube video by Top 10 Daily, you gave me permission to make a written version.

This strategy revolves around the heist map G.G. Coral, which was just released in the most recent update.

G.G. Coral has a very different layout than the other Heist maps. On defense, you spawn in front of the safe, which is only accessible through the back. There are two TNT boxes, and the main part of the map is mostly covered in grass.

What this layout does is encourage the defense to play more aggressively out in the center of the map rather than near the safe.

This makes offense much easier, as well as raises the skill cap on defense.

The Composition

Colt is the center of this strategy, while Crow plays a very important part as well. The third brawler is much more interchangeable. The best choices are Shelly and Dynamike, but Tara or Barely could work just as well.

If you don’t have Crow Brawl Stars Character, I would recommend using Colt, Tara, and Dynamike, with Shelly as a possible replacement to Tara. This may not work nearly as well though.

Colt is the star of the show. On offense, he should stay on the right side; on defense, the left (which is the same side… if you understand orientation). This area provides for a skinnier but longer area, perfect for his attack.

Crow and the third brawler go on the other side, as Crow’s spread can control the path between the two grass regions, and the third, splash brawler can take care of clearing the grass patches.


On offense, Colt immediately moves to the right and takes a stance in the back of the bushes. If anyone attempts to enter through the opening in the fence into that section, Colt can guarantee some shots off.

Continuously move backward with him so the enemy doesn’t get in range. If this opponent has longer range, move forward while going sideways to dodge their shots.

Once your super is charged, you can move to the front of the grass area and break walls, hitting the safe in the process.

After that, try to break the TNT in the front until it breaks, so you can have an open shot at the safe with your regular attack.

If someone respawns and comes at you, move backwards and out of range. Make sure you always have an open path towards the enemy so they have to walk through your line of fire to attack you back.

Once your super is charged again, wait until you are in range of the safe to use it, hopefully hitting enemies too.

As Colt controls the right side, Crow and the third brawler (preferably Dynamike) move to the left. Crow blocks off the two openings with his poisonous daggers as Dynamike throws over the wall to clear the upper grass patch.

If you have Shelly instead, she can rush into the upper patch with Crow behind to support her.

Once that area is cleared, both brawlers advance. Shelly can go around back into the safe area if no one is there, while Dynamike can start shooting over. If someone is in the back there, retreat a bit to take them out first, and try hitting the TNT while doing so.

If Crow has his super, he should jump on top of the safe. If not, he can keep shooting enemies from a range.

As offense is the easier of the two positions on this map, victory comes fairly quickly if you play it right.


On defense, the first 30 seconds or so are crucial. It’s all up to Colt, who can make or break the game. If he completes his job, the remainder of the match shouldn’t be difficult at all.

While the other two brawlers defend the right side, Colt needs to move immediately to the left, to where the long, skinny patch of grass is, and start shooting. He should be able to charge up his super by picking off enemies who enter that area.

Once his super is charged, he needs to destroy the center fences (as shown in the image). Then Crow and the third brawler can use their area attacks to reach either side of the map.

As his super is charged a second time, you can try taking out the fence positioned horizontally across the middle. If one side of the map is cleared of enemies, go for it. This will leave a wide-open battlefield where tanks and hurdlers won’t be a problem.

After both fences are broken, the defense should be pretty easy. For defense, Shelly is the best choice for a third brawler as she is also a great close range while Crow and Colt are not.

Make sure to put pressure on the offensive team and keep a wide coverage of the map so no one can get close enough to the safe to attack it.


Well, I hope this guide helped. Make sure to test it out next time G.G. Coral comes around! And remember, all credit for this strategy goes to YouTuber Top 10 Daily.

Keep checking BrawlStarsUP for more epic guides and tips by me and other Brawl Stars writers. 😀

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