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As brawlers attack and do damage to enemy brawlers, they build up their special ability, called a “Super”. Each brawler has its own “Super” ability, which can, for example, spawn a damage-dealing turret or a complete heal. Each brawler also has two unlockable (passive) abilities called “Star Powers”, which can be found in Brawl Boxes, or inside the in-game shop once the brawler reaches their maximum power level. Furthermore, each brawler also has one unlockable ability called a “Gadget”. A brawler’s gadget appears in Brawl Boxes and in the shop once that brawler reaches power level 7. These abilities are, once unlocked, usable 2 to 3 times per match and are activated by pressing a certain “Gadget button”. In addition, it is possible to purchase “skins” in the shop or unlock them through the Brawl Pass, which will alter the appearance, animations, or sounds of brawlers.

Now let’s get into the guide for every single brawler.


Shelly is the starter brawler you get when you start the game. That doesn’t mean Shelly is the worst brawler in the game. Every brawler is unique in their own way and is good if you used in the right way. So for shelly, she deals more damage in short-range so try getting closer to other players.

So you should try staying away from long range brawler. She especially counters tanks by chaining her super so try getting on other tanky brawler’s faces.Her best mode is Brawl ball so try playing her in it.

Bonus tip: In brawl ball, there are two blocks of boxes on the right and left side of the goal so if you aim the ball on the block and use you super quickly that the super strikes the block before the ball and it’s an easy goal which cannot be blocked.


Nita is the second trophy road brawler you get at 10 trophies. For her super, she summons a bear that attacks the nearby enemy. Her range is a little shorter than Jessie’s which is pretty good. Most of the time it seems like the enemy is not in range but you will still hit the enemy.

You can use your bear in two ways. One is by using the bear in front of her to guard her against brawler`s who do not have splash or piercing attacks.

Another way is to put the bear in far back and charge some of her super and let the bear go and deal some damage and she get`s another super. By this way, you can pressure the enemy. Her best mode is heist that is if you have her star power Hyper bear which can deal massive amount of damage to the safe. If you don’t have her star power I suggest use her in Brawl ball.


Colt is the third trophy road brawler you get at 60 trophies. The general tip for Colt that every single good player will you give is that read your enemy`s movement. While shooting move in the same direction your enemy is moving so that you hit a lot more shots. Do not auto-aim with Colt.

You can auto-aim at some situations like when a tank is close to you or when an enemy brawler is moving right at you, but try not to auto-aim much. His best mode is heist that is if you have his gadget which quickly reloads two ammo so that you could melt the safe in no time. But if you don’t have his gadget use him in brawl ball. Where you can do the same trick which you can do with shelly is shoot the ball on the two blocks of the goal and quickly use your super to break it.


Bull is the fourth trophy road brawler you get at 250 trophies. For me personally bull is my favorite brawler. You may think with bull all you gotta do is auto-aim. But no there is more than what you think you can do with Bull.
Bull`s best mode is heist, where he can charge at the heist with his super and deal a quick large amount of damage. His gadget which heals him some health instantly is very good.

You can catch enemy brawlers off-guard. Other modes where you can play him are in brawl ball and siege. In brawl ball there is a trick where you shoot the ball at the two blocks of boxes at the side of the goal and use your super quickly and you can shoot that way.

There is another way to score an easy goal with bull where you shoot a wall near the goal and use your super to charge at the wall and get the ball and score quickly as you are very tanky.I learned these tips from the man himself pika who is absolutely insane with Bull. If you want to learn more tips watch pika`s video from youtube.


When I mean Jessie I mean scrappy here turret because we all know that it’s scrappy that carries Jessie. Jessie’s shots when hit an enemy bounce and hit another enemy if in a short-range. So try using it as an advantage. Her first star power energize heals the turret if you hit your shot on your own turret and even bounces and hits an enemy. So you can heal your turret and at the same deal damage to an enemy.

Use her super strategically. Place the turret behind a wall where the enemy brawler cannot hit it and while an enemy brawler comes at the turret it will deal damage to him and at the same time waste his ammo.


Time to move to the boombox crew!Boombox baby!! Brock is the 6th trophy road brawler you get at 1000 trophies. DO NOT AUTO AIM with brock unless the enemy is close to you because he shoots only one rocket and his ammo reloads at a slow speed. So you have to try and hit every one of you rocket on the enemy.

But practice makes a man perfect! Don’t spam all of your shots at a single time instead try saving three ammo and shoot two rockets at a time so you have a better chance of hitting one. The rocket sometimes when at the edge of the wall seems not to hit the enemy but it will.

So when an enemy is at the edge of the wall, try shooting at him, and you can still hit him.


Dynamike is the 7th trophy road brawler you get at 2000 trophies. Everybody knows Dynamike for nothing but spinning. For his attack, he throws two Dynamikes dealing 2128 combined. So if only one of the Dynamike hits, it deals half the damage. Dynamike’s shots are passive, so the enemy can easily dodge them. So, in that case, try shooting two pairs of Dynamikes that are two ammo so that it has a better chance of hitting.
Dynamike is countered literally by every single brawler if they are in short range to Dynamike. So try hiding behind walls to deal damage. His best mode is probably heist, where he can damage the safe from behind the walls as there are many walls in the heist. His first-star power dynajump is a unique star power where he jumps if he uses the Dynamike.

I Can’t explain star power anymore because it’s a little complicated and tough to master. It would be best if you had days of practice to get good with it. So I suggest using his second star power demolition where he deals 1000 extra damage with his super which is pretty good as you can one-shot many brawlers with it.


I fight for my ancestors! as strong as the mountains! Bo is the 8th trophy road brawler you get at 3000 trophies. With bo there is a unique attacking pattern many people don’t know about. When bo moves to the left while attacking he spreads out his shots which he can use for dealing damage to multiple enemies.

But when bo moves to the right his attacks do no spread so he can use it for attacking a single enemy and every single one of those shots hits him. This is a very good strategy if you learn it good. For his super, he throws three landmines on the ground which when tripped by enemy brewers bursts and deal damage. But the only disadvantage is that it takes some time to burst so the enemy brawlers can escape easily. But you can use it for destroying walls in brawl ball or dealing damage to heist safe or siege bot.


Tick is the 9th trophy road brawler you get at 4000 trophies. There isn’t much about tick I can say. He is a robot. He is extremely annoying. He throws three bombs which explode when an enemy touches it or it explodes when left for 2 seconds untouched.

A common tip with a tick is to spread your shots while playing him so that the enemy can’t escape his shots. For his super, he removes his head and throws it and the head chases the nearest enemy and explodes on it to deal damage. His super cannot be avoided by most of the brawlers as it is very fast.It is impossible for a Mortis to avoid tick’s head unless helped by a teammate.


8-bit is the 10th trophy road brawler you get at 6000 trophies.He is a extremely slow brawler making it difficult for him to dodge enemy attacks.His main counters are throwers because it is so hard for him to dodge a shot of a thrower so stay away from throwers.For his super he throws a turret which increases the damage of his and his teammate’s damage by 30% while standing on it.

His best mode is solo showdown because of his 2nd star power extra life which when he dies respawns him back at the same place but only one time.Which gives him a massive advantage in solo showdown.So if you are thinking of pushing 8-bit try getting his 2nd star power and push him in solo showdown.


“Ugh does someone here follow me?”Emz is the 11th trophy road brawler you get at 8000 trophies.She is a zombie who loves to scroll through instagram and other social media.Her attack pattern deals less damage when close like piper.As her attack which is a spray goes he further the more damage it does.

So do not get close to enemies.For super enemy brawler’s get slowed inside of a small radius from emz.After you slow down your enemy with your super you can easily kill them as you deal a massive amount of damage.Her best mode is brawl ball because that’s where all the tank are, and you can easily melt them.


Poco goes loco! Poco is a rare brawler.He is a musician.He deals very low damage with his attack.For his super he uses violin to heal him and his teammates in long range.His first star power da capo makes him heal  his teammates with his basic attack.If you want to push poco then use him with two tanks so that you can heal them and they are super tanky.

Poco’s best mode is brawl ball where he can go into a match with two tanks and heal them while they walk into the goal.Use poco in brawl ball with a jacky and a frank.While frank and jacky rushes the enemy you can heal them from back which makes this a deadly comp.

El Primo

El primo is here! El primo is a rare brawler.He is a russler who is very tanky.Primo recharges his super very fast so charge your super once and just jump one people and u will get your super back so try chaining your super.Primo’s best mode is brawl ball and siege.In brawl ball if you have your super shoot the ball at the enemy goal by doing this if there is a enemy at the ball you will push him back and you score easily.

However this can easily be countered if the enemy strikes the ball away before you land one him.In siege use primo aggressively jump on people who are gonna take the bolt and chain super back and forth.When a enemy gets a bot you can tank the bot and suiscide and return back with full hp and a immunity shield to take out the bot.

His main counters are bea and emz so stay away from them.He is also a great brawl to use with poco and a tank as he is very tanky and poco can heal him from his back.


Rosa is my name, botany is my game.Rosa is a boxing botanist who lives in the wild with his assistant sprout.When rosa first released into the game she was game breaking.She was so overpowered supercell needed to do a HUGE nerf to her.For her super she gets a temporary shield around her which reduces any damage she takes by 70% which is a massive advantage.

Her best mode is brawl ball and gem grab.She is very good again with a poco as she is a tank and she has a shield super.Rosa’s range is very short but her speed is very good sois there is a brawler which delas less amount of damage just rush the brawler and you can catch up.

In gem grab use her not to get kills but move to enemy side of the map and pressure the enemies to not come front.It is a very effective way to use rosa, just hide behind a wall and pressure the enemy team.

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