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The BEST Crow Brawl Stars Skin

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Crow Brawl Stars has to be one of the most intimidating and dangerous Brawl Stars characters. He is 50% bird and 50% man but 100% Legendary! His specialty is his movement speed and poisoning his enemies, and no one can compete with him on that. Before we get into the Best Skin for Crow, let us cover the basics first! 

Is Crow Good in the Brawl Stars?

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What Are Skins, And How To Get Them?

Each brawl star character has its own set of abilities and powers, and we also offer various skins to change the look of your brawler and enhance the aesthetics. However, they do not affect the ability of the brawlers. 

All the characters have fantastic skins that you can choose from. Some skins are really rare to find but not impossible. Here are a few ways to get them!

The primary way to get skins is to buy them from the Shop. It would be best if you kept an eye out for the special offers because it might have your favorite skin as well. To shop the skins, you need gems or star points. 

Every season, the brawl pass has one exclusive Brawler Skin on its reward track that you can get by reaching the required tier. 

Different events bring unique skins for each brawler, like during Halloween aka Brawl-o-ween, Holidays aka Happy Brawlidays and much more. You can get those exciting skins only during their respective season. 

Crow Brawl Stars Skins

Crow Brawl Stars has four more skins other than his default skin that you can unlock using all the methods mentioned below:


The Best Crow Brawl Stars Skin- Night Mecha

What makes this skin the best of all the other skins is that it truly shows the Crow’s character. Crows unique ability is to poison his enemies, which makes him deadly and dark. This Night Mecha skin complements the dark nature and powers of Crow Brawl Stars. 

Night Mecha Crow >> Gold Mecha Crow : Brawlstars

When he is in this skin, his aesthetics go from 0 to 100, and he seems super intimidating and powerful among other Brawl Stars characters. 

Night Mecha Crow is a Star skin that comes with the following:

You need 10,000 Star Points to buy this skin from the Shop. 10,000 Star Points seem a lot, but it is achievable if you perform well. 

How To Get Star Points?

There are a few ways to earn Star Points, such as:

Rent video games online for your favorite systems including PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS, and more


How to Win Using Crow Brawl Stars Character

Ending Thoughts… 

Although Gold Mecha Skin is the most expensive one among all other skins, I believe that night mecha has to be Crow’s best skin because it elevates his character and makes him look super cool! 

Let us know which skin you like the best! 


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