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The Best Game Modes, Maps and Tips for Starting Brawlers

Hello guys, and welcome back to another Brawl Stars guide! Today I’m gonna show you guys the first few brawlers you’ll unlock, what gamemodes/maps to use them on, and some tips to hopefully make you better!

Let’s hop right on into this.

Starting Brawlers Tips

Best Game Modes, Maps and Tips for Starting Brawlers

Nine Starting Brawlers

Brawl Stars Shelly


So one of the first brawlers you’ll be unlocking is Shelly.

She’s a shotgun brawler that does large amounts of damage up close. She is okay in mid range fights but not so great in long range fights.

Shelly is good in Gem Grab, Showdown, and Brawl Ball. Shelly also does very well in maps with lots of grass.

Reason being is because she can camp in a bush and wait for an enemy to get close and then kill them.

A little tip using her is to try to charge up your Super early. Once you do that you can roam around in the bushes without being too worried someone will jump you. If you do have your super and someone is near you, use your super first, then your auto attacks.

The reason you should do this is because Shelly’s super stuns the enemy for just a moment. That gives you enough time to finish them off.

Brawl Stars Nita


The second brawler you’ll most likely get is Nita. You get her at 10 Trophy trophies.

She’s a mid ranged brawler that does a good amount of damage up close too. Nita’s super spawn a bear that will start attacking the enemy closest to it.

Nita is good in Gem Grab and Showdown. Nita does well in maps that don’t have too much grass but also don’t have mass amounts of open space.

Tip for Nita is that when you have someone on the other side of the wall from you, throw your super over to them. That will most likely force the enemy out of their spot and then you can get ready for the kill.

Keep in mind that her bear is also a distraction. Making the enemy waste valuable ammo.

Brawl Stars Colt


The third brawler you’ll get is gonna be Colt. You unlock Colt at 60 Trophy trophies.

Now Colt takes some more skill than the other brawlers we’ve talked about.

He is a long ranged brawler that shoots bullets from his 2 pistols. Mind ya he is also good at mid and close range too.

Colt is good in Gem Grab, Showdown, Brawl Ball, And Heist. Colt’s good in maps that have lots of open area so he can aim and take his shot.

Aiming is very important when you play with Colt. If you use auto aim, your shots have a high chance of missing.

My recommendation is to aim manually and try predicting enemies movements.

The tip I’ve got for Colt is if someone is behind a wall, and you’ve got your super, shoot at the enemy and your super will break the wall and start hitting your enemy. This can be very useful if there is an enemy that’s healing behind a wall.

Brawl Stars Bull


The fourth brawler you’re gonna get is Bull. You unlock him at 250 Trophy trophies.

Now Bull, like Shelly, is also a shotgunner. He’s very very powerful up close to enemies but unlike Shelly, Bull isn’t so good at mid range.

Bull does good in Showdown, Brawl Ball, and Heist.

You generally want to play him in maps that have lots of grass so he can camp in.

Don’t engage with long range brawlers unless you’re at point blank range. They have the advantage out in the open since you only do good at close range.

Now if you wanna get close to your enemies and you’ve got your Super, use it and you will start charging in the direction that you’ve aimed. Once you’re up close, you should have no problem blasting the enemies up.

Shelly can’t beat Bull in a fight at close range but if she has her super, she will be able to. So if you see a Shelly that has her super, try to wait till she wastes it on someone else. Then go in for that elimination!

P.S. Everyone gangs up on Bull when you get more trophies. So be prepared to get teamed on. ?

Brawl Stars Jessie


The fifth brawler you’ll be getting is Jessie. You get her at 500 Trophy trophies.

Jessie has her electric gun (or whatever it is) that does a lot of damage to anything clumped up. Whether it’s either boxes, or players.

She does good in Gem Grab and Brawl Ball. If you land a shot on an enemy/box your shot will bounce off and seek for another target. One shot from her gun can hit up to 3 targets.

Jessie’s super spawn a little turret that shoots the enemy that’s closest to it. Like Nita, she can throw her super over a wall to force the enemy behind the wall to move.

Now mind ya, you might get more brawlers from boxes in between brawlers you get from your trophy rewards.

Brawl Stars Brock


The sixth brawler you’ll unlock is Brock. You get him at 1000 Trophy trophies.

He’s a long ranged brawler that does great amounts of damage in 1 shot. Does good at short range too.

In my opinion Brock is good in all of the gamemodes. He does fantastic in maps that have lots of open area for him to aim and shoot.

Brock’s super does huge amounts of damage! Also being able to break grass and walls.

His shots are a little slow when you shoot someone who’s far away from you. So that’s why aiming your shots with Brock is very important!

Up close, just spam auto aim!

If someone is on top of you, use your super on yourself or just right in front of you. It should hit the enemy that’s on you and he/she will most likely die or back off.

Brawl Stars Dynamike


The seventh brawler you’ll get is Dynamike. You unlock him at 2000 Trophy trophies.

He’s my favorite brawler! He’s a long ranged brawler that throws 2 sticks of dynamite at enemies and do great amounts of damage if they get contact.

Mike is good in Gem Grab, some Showdown maps, and Heist.

Mike does good in maps that have walls that can keep him away from enemies and for him to throw his dynamite over the walls.

Do keep in mind it’s very easy to kill Dynamike up close because it’s hard to use your attack on yourself. Try to keep your distance and throw from afar. Mike’s super breaks walls and grass.

When it hits enemies it does a lot of damage and also stuns them for a second.

In Showdown, If someone is near the gas and you’ve got your super, throwing it in front of them can knock them into the gas.

Mike’s number 1 weakness is Mortis. If you see Mortis, run the other way ?. It’s super easy for Mortis to dodge your dynamite and when he gets on top of you, you’re sure to die.

Brawl Stars Bo


And finally, we’ve got Bo.

You unlock him at 3000 Trophy trophies.

He’s good at mid range. Bo is kind of unique. He shoots 3 arrows that go from left to right and then  explode doing damage to any brawler/box near it.

Bo is good in Gem Grab and Showdown. Bo has a good amount of health but doesn’t do that much damage with his attack.

Aiming your shots with Bo is important. Try to get all 3 of your arrows to hit the enemy by predicting his movements keeping in mind that your shots go from left to right.

His super throws down 3 landmines that only you and your teammates can see. When an enemy walks over it, it starts beeping and after a second it blows up doing great amounts of damage to enemies. If you can get an enemy to walk into all 3 of your land mines, he/she will most likely die.

Brawl Stars - Best Tips For Your 8 Starting Brawlers!

Anyways those are my tips on how to start off with the 8 basic brawlers. If this helped you at all lemme know in the comments. ?

Thanks for your time! It really means a lot that you’d stop by. I’ll catch you guys in the next guide!

Peace! ✌?



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