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Spike Brawlers Guide and Basics

Spike Brawl Stars
Spike Brawl Stars


Brawl Stars offers a plethora of characters to gamers, however with these many possibilities, the responsibility of players to choose the best option also increases manifold.

With an objective to make this decision easier for players, this article provides an insight about Spike.

Let’s discuss how this brawler performs and what makes him the character of choice for millions of players from around the globe.


Spike The Sharpshooter

In terms of rarity, Spike Brawl Stars is rated as a Legendary character that is unlocked through Brawl Boxes. This stout green character possesses excellent Offense capability.

Low Defense Capability

Although the character possesses very high damage per strike, his low Defense capability at times puts a cap on his performance. 


His Health maxes out at 2400 units and thus players need to eliminate their enemies quickly before they become a source of nuisance. 


Mediocre Movement Speed

Although Spike can launch cactus grenades from a long distance, the mediocre movement speed of the character, can at times, make it cumbersome to reach the play zone’s central point upon respawning.

With enough said about the low defense and average movement speed of Spike, let’s now discuss his forte which is the ability to eliminate enemy units like they never existed.




Needle Grenade

He launches these cactus grenades that shoot spikes all around, causing considerable damage to enemies.  The damage per spike is 560 and the range is quite long. 

However, the reloading speed is slow and thus the players need to aim well before shooting, else they will have to wait for several seconds before they get to shoot again.

Stick Around

The Super ability of Spike is known as Stick Around and when used, this character causes a blast of spikes in the surrounding area. The enemy units present in this region are not only injured by this but are also slowed down.


Upon reaching level 7, Spike can be powered up with a special gadget made available in the Brawl Boxes.

This gadget is known as Popping Pincushion and when available, the character can shoot 3 waves of needles in all directions thereby increasing the damage per second. With each hit, the damage is 520 health units and 3 charges of this gadget are available per match.

Star Powers

Once Spike reaches power 9, he can be equipped with a selectable Star power.

Spike’s Star power is known as Fertilize and it enables him to have a health regeneration rate of 800 units per second and that too while staying in the area of effect.


Final Verdict

Spike is the way to go if you are looking for a character to destroy your enemies quickly and effectively. However, keeping a check on the health of this character at all times is essential because of the relatively low defense capability.



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