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How to Spend Elixir Effectively in Brawl Stars

Hey guys I am Jb3403 and today I will be showing you what elixir is and sharing you some simple tips on how to spend elixir effectively in Brawl Stars!

Best Ways to Spend Elixir in Brawl Stars

What is Elixir?

First of all, Elixir is brawl star’s currency to ‘upgrade’ your brawler.

Elixir is obtained by opening Brawl Boxes and come in one of 4 rarities:

When NOT to Spend Elixir?

You will get elixir most of the time from Brawl Boxes, and it may be frustrating… but when spending it there are a few key things not to do.

When TO spend elixir

As I said before, Elixir is very common from Brawl Boxes, and there are strategies to spending elixir.

Should I save up elixir?

Saving up elixir will start to become more of an apparent option as the prices to upgrade the elixir increase. Saving up is totally up to you, in my opinion, if you’re determined to max out a character with elixir, do it as that character becomes so much more powerful! When maxing out a character, saving up elixir is a necessity!

If you want a deadly arsenal of brawlers, and you have roughly 2-4 favourite brawlers, then saving up might not be for you! Spreading your elixir evenly across those brawlers might turn out well for you… saving up a bit of elixir will be required to do so, but you won’t have to struggle as much to save up for maxing out a character.

So guys that’ll bring us to the end of this short guide, and I hope you find it useful!

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