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The Best Brawlers For Showdown(More Than 10 Tips Included)

Hello bros and welcome back to another Brawl Stars guide!

Today I’m gonna be showing you what Showdown maps are good with which brawlers and how to gain trophies easily.

Let’s get right on into the guide!


Best Brawlers for Showdown Maps

Core Crumble

Medium range brawlers can flourish here especially because the map neither has closed quarters nor is open. Ricochet with his bounce shot can be used effectively here checking all the bushes without getting close.

Shelly is also somewhat good in this map as she can hide in the spread over bushes and ambush the enemy brawlers. If not, she can charge her super up and break the walls allowing her to move more freely and hunt down enemies. Always check the bushes, even the small once as that’s more likely where you can find someone


Forsaken Falls

This map has no power boxes, hence making it complete for your skills to dominate. Medium range and thrower brawlers can be really good here. With throwers, you can dominate the map as you could constantly chip down enemies

Don’t go into the center even if you have the power cube advantage because you can take all the damage from 9 other brawlers at the same time as other brawlers constantly check the center and if you try to get out, you are literally going 9v1

Tick is quite popular here hence consider using a Mortis to counter them.

Safety center

It’s very easy to get cornered and ganged up on here but I’d say this is  Nita’s strongest map. She can do peek shots over walls, and boxes are clumped together allowing her farm boxes more efficiently.

Shelly and Leon can insanely good here, especially because they can easily chip down enemies from bushes. Tanks can also be used here. Because of so many small walls, Carl, if used effectively, could be insanely useful dealing tons of damage.

Ghost Point

Now this map is great for camping and surprising your enemy.

So shotgun brawlers (Shelly and Bull) do amazing here.

Frank does good here too because he can break the grass in the middle with his super. You could use El Primo but he’ll get eaten up by Bull and Shelly.

Medium range brawlers like Pam, Colt, and Ricochet can easily deal with all the tank brawlers used in this map.


Stocky Stockades

This is again a map where shotgun brawlers like Bull and Shelly can ambush you out of nowhere because of the unique map design. To counter these tanks, I would suggest using brawlers like Ricochet or Carl where both can check through the whole bush easily.

Using Bo with his star power can also be used here to see the brawlers hiding in the bushes.

Try to charge up your super with Shelly, so that you can just super away whoever surprises you from the  buses

Cavern Churn

This map is mainly used for shotgunners like Bull and Shelly. Darryl could be used but he can’t necessarily beat Bull and Shelly in a 1v1 at point-blank range.

And once again, Bo is great here if you have his Star Power. But if you don’t, I don’t recommend using him.

Nita can also be good here if you play it right. Stick around the outsides collecting boxes and building up her Super for the first part of the match. Then once there are only a few people left, toss the Bear over the walls into the bushes and follow behind it, allowing you to see shotgun brawlers coming without taking damage. You should be able to get top 3 pretty easy with this strategy.

Dynamike is also pretty insane in this map as he can bully anyone trying to run for boxes. The best play is to be safe. Trying to eventually end in the area just SE of the center grass. If you use your Super correctly, and throw it right in between the 2 sets of barrels in the SE of the grassy center, you create your own isolated patch of grass. Once you check the grass, you can stay there near the end and harass whoever you can and force fights. Often Shellys and Bulls won’t engage unless they have too, as exposing themselves puts them at a huge disadvantage unless it is final 2 showdown. I often would get 1st-3rd with anywhere from 0-2 gems. The map is extremely beneficial to throwers around the outskirts, and especially considering the main characters are the shotgun wielders. The amount of fights you can create and not die from vastly outweighs your odds of dying if you play decently.

Some Brawlers are good on the outskirts of this map. Like Ricochet. He’s good because he can bounce his shots off the walls and little passageways hitting any enemies who might be lurking in them. The 2 throwers are pretty good on the outskirts too. Just don’t get too close to the grass in the middle. You might get ambushed by a Bull!



Acid Lakes

Now this is one of my personal favorite maps.

This is the new version of the thousand lakes maps. And usually, Darryl dominates in this map because of so many bushes where he can roll over anyone and annihilate them in two shots.

Rosa, Shelly can also be used because of the extensive bushes. Sometimes even long-range brawlers are used here, so don’t hesitate to choose them.

Rocky Blocks

Island Invasion, like Cavern Churn and Feast or Famine is a shotgun map.

Bull, Shelly, and Bo if you have his star power do great here.

Ranged brawlers could also do very well here in the mid of Island invasion. I’ve had mad success with  Nita in Island Invasion (meteor mash) by controlling mid. If you spawn at the corner, it’s best to run straight to mid because you don’t want to get caught in the bushes with Nita ?. And people usually team in the mid so if u can stand urself teaming against Bulls go there but its kinda sad when there is a team of six against the Bulls sometimes.

A lot of players also like rushing to the center and controlling the map with Pam as there are no bushes there.

Hot Maze

This map is great for throwers ( Barley and  Dynamike). Lots of nicks and crannies for them to hide in and throw from.

Another brawler that does pretty good here is  Mortis. Since he kills throwers up close very easily, lots of people use him here.

Now, these are the brawlers I never really mentioned  Jessie,  Poco,  Tara, and  Leon. Mostly because Tara and Leon do good in any map and because  Jessie and  Poco are only good in 3v3 gamemodes but can also do quite well in Duo Showdown.

Fun fact either  Shelly or  Bull or both for that matter are always in a game no matter what map it is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of em not in a showdown match. ?

Anyways thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it! I hope these helped you a little and if they did, lemme know. ? I’ll catch you guys in the next guide! Peaceeee

Thanks to u/BrunoCNaves, u/Earthling6188284892, u/TurtleNamedFrog, u/ParziCR, u/jb526, u/FearSG, u/Spoonblob for helping us make the guide a lot better!


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