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Shelly Vs. All Brawlers (All The Best Tips)

Shelly Brawl Stars

Here are best quick tips for Shelly vs all Brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Keep all of these simple tips in mind and you will be winning the battles a lot easier while using her!

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Shelly Vs. All Brawlers

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Colt Colt – Against Colt, you really shouldn’t be out in the open. If you can, use bushes to sneak up on him and ambush him with a few quick shots. If you get caught out, try to juke his shots and run a zigzag pattern.

Bull Bull – Bull is an easy target for Shelly. Most likely, you’ll see him in a bush, so unload your shots into him and don’t be afraid to use your super.

Jessie Jessie – Try to use cover to sneak up on her turret. Your poke damage is really low, so if it’s out in the open, it’s not your job.

Brock Brock – Again, don’t get caught out in the open. Juke him and blast him.

Dynamike Dynamike – Try to move erratically to throw off the dynamite. If you’re close to him, he probably won’t be able to hit you, so keep pushing forward.

Nita Nita – You have 1 tile advantage. Slowly deal chip damage to her to charge your Super and get close to her once your Super is about to get fully charged.

Shelly Bo – Be wary of his spread shot, so try to sneak up on him. If he’s trying to land every shot, just juke it.

Poco Poco – Be wary of his quick reload speed and his surprisingly long range. If he has the heal up, try to burst enemies down as fast as you can.

El Primo Primo – He is a priority target for Shelly. If he gets close to you, it’s a win. You should beat an El Primo in a fight every time.

Shelly Barley – Try to keep your distance. He is good at checking bushes, so try to stay on the opposite side of the map.

rosa Rosa – Rosa is a very good brawler right now. If she has her super, stay away from her. If she isn’t close to it, you have to shoot as fast as you can to kill her before she activates her super.

Carl Carl – His super can easily devastate you if you don’t have yours, so try to flank to avoid giving him super charge.

Darryl Darryl – As Shelly, he’s another high priority target. This is another fight you really can’t lose. If he rolls away, don’t worry too much about chasing him.

Penny Penny – Her turret can deal a ton of damage over time, so try to flank the turret and kill it. It’s usually behind walls and in bushes on the enemy side.

Ricochet Ricochet – He is fairly hard to juke, so try to flank him and avoid that devastating super.

Frank Frank – If he has his super, try to circle him to throw off his aim. If he doesn’t, it’s another easy fight, as Shelly is the best brawler to handle tanks.

Piper Piper – Don’t get hit. Her shots do a ton of damage, and 2-3 kill you easily. Also, be wary of her super and try to bait it out.

Pam Pam – She is really good against you, so try to keep your distance and poke the healing turret.

Tara Tara – Try to avoid getting damaged by her, because her super is so impactful. Try get close and two-tap her if you can.

Gene Gene – His super isn’t too bad for you, since you can burst him down if you have ammo. Try to reserve 2 shots in case you’re pulled.

Mortis Mortis – Be wary of where he is, so that you can stay away when you have low health. If you see him in a bush, take one shot to scare him off, then let him run away.

Leon Leon – He does more damage than you, so just try to avoid him altogether. If you have to engage, shoot as fast as you can to quickly burst him down, because you shoot faster.

Spike Spike – His close range damage can be devastating, so you have to sneak up on him. Be wary of his super as well, because you will die if caught in it.

Crow Crow – He tends to poke at a long range because of his low health, so if you ever sneak up on him he’s an easy kill.



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