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The Truth About Rosa Brawl Stars Is She Good?

Rosa Brawl Stars

Who is Rosa?

When the Rosa Brawl Stars update was released, this new Brawler was just a botanist with a huge love for the plants. It was until she got attacked by the bushes (not sure if it’s Bull or Shelly) and she finally survived by punching them in their faces. She also managed to learn some unique skills.

Sneak peek: She is incredibly strong!

New Brawler - Brawl Stars Rosa

Rosa Brawl Stars Basic Information

Basic Information

Type icon Type: Low Ranged Brawler Super icon Super Duration:


2.5 seconds

Attack icon Attack Range: 3.33 tiles Speed icon Movement Speed: 770
Attack Reload icon Attack Reload: 1.2s
Role icon Role: Melee Tank
Bullet Count icon Bullets per Attack: 3 Rarity icon Rarity: Rare
Star Power
Star Power: Plant lifeRosa recovers 300 health per second when inside a bush.Star PowerStar Power: Thorny gloves


Rosa’s punches gain +220 damage during her Super.

Gadget: Grow Light

“Rosa fertilizes the ground around her and bushes instantly grow to provide great cover.”

Level Stats

Level Stats

Level HP iconHP Attack icon Basic Attack
Damage per punch</td
1 5000 480
2 5250 504
3 5500 528
4 5750 552
5 6000 576
6 6260 600
7 6500 624
8 6750 648
9 7000 672


Rosa – The Boxing Botanist

Attack icon

Main Attack: Rosa Brawl Stars Hands of Stone

Her main attack works basically like El Primo‘s basic attack, however it is a lot wider.

It’s not very easy to go around her to avoid the attacks, like what you can do with El Primo. However, it looks like she can hit a target only once per punch.

Her basic attack throws out 3 quick punches, dealing 672 damage each. This means that she literally has the highest DPS attack in Brawl Stars!

The attack range is about 3.3 tiles. This is the 2nd lowest attack ranger in the game, only longer than El Primo basic attack.

The reload speed is 1.2s. This is the fastest reload speed in the game right now besides Bull having the Star Power.

rosa main attack

Super icon

Rosa Brawl Stars Super

Her Super is also a new mechanic of Brawl Stars.

Once activated, the super gives her a super-strong armor, which is made from tough vines. The armor decreases all of the incoming damage by a lot. Making her a super tank of the game.

It decreases up to 70% of the incoming damage to her, which is insane!

Fun fact: If this does not get nerf, it takes up to 12 complete Bull attacks to take her out while having the shield enabled.

Duration: 6s

rosa super

Star Power

Star Power: Plant Life – Rosa Brawl Stars 

The Star Power helps her regain HP immediately once she gets into a bush (how crazy it is?).

Speed: 300 HP / Sec.

This makes her one of the strongest tankers of Brawl Stars. With 7,000 HP, Rosa has the 4th highest HP in the game, just barely under Bull (7280 HP).

It’s super hard to deal with her in the bush and take her out since she has the insane healing speed and with her Super enabled.

star power of rosa


All right so here we go jumping into the first game mode and that is Jim grab now Rosa is kind of easy to figure out, she is an aggro brawler in this game mode and one of the things that you want to keep in mind, I know this doesn’t apply to people that don’t have her star power but her star power her first star power wish against her healing in the bushes is something to definitely keep in mind for later on late-game when you do get this star power because it’s gonna benefit her so much more to play on maps where there are bushes for her to duck behind cover and heal up and get that extra boost for healing but even if you don’t have her star power you still want to be playing this agro role, you still want to be super aggressive user high health to your advantage and one of the key things to know about Rosa is that a lot of times people are gonna underestimate her range. Now it is one of these shortest ranges in the game with only the likes of like Mortis and el Primo having shorter ranges and Bibi but other than that I mean every brawler in the game how it ranges her but they don’t really take that into effect when they play her and they will more times more often than not end up getting a little too close to Rosa and then she’ll be able to take advantage of that and just beat them down and once you get too close you can’t get away unless you’re like a brawler like Mortis where you can dash away from that range and that’s one of the best things to keep in mind. One of the things you know when playing with her that you really got to remember because if you’re playing against her they can come and bite you in the butt but when you’re playing with her it can definitely work to your advantage that a lot of players are gonna underestimate that range and get too close and then you’ll be able to take them out with ease with our high health her high damage and when you get her star power hidden in those bushes definitely play gem grab on maps that you know she’s got walls to hide behind and stuff like that.


But moving over into what I think is one of her best game modes and that is heist because you know just almost every single tank and the game does well in heist for a lot of reasons they can survive longer they can dish out a ton of damage to the safe they have shorter range but like el primo and Rosa here, can both punched through the safe and hit brawlers behind the safe and then Rosa’s a little super attack here like on heist here I got the one that she gets the extra damage when she acts debates are super instead of the healing in the bushes and that’s something to keep in mind when you’re going into these game modes because there are other tanks taking on. I think the trade off for having that extra damage when you turn her super on is the better star power to use and game modes like heist and brawl ball so you see that in this gameplay here that I do have the super star power switched out depending on what game mode playing they’re both pretty decent start powers and it just depends on the situation which one you want to be using but if you don’t have that it really doesn’t matter still heist is a good game mode for her you can kind of see what I’m doing here taking off taking out the lower brawler’s even taking out on the likes of el Primo but you can see when I get in the face of two brawlers here at the el Primo and a Nita definitely want to use that shield to your advantage to give you that extra protection so you can take them out and then move on to the safe so that’s one of the easier game modes a player and gem grab and heist and of course early game and even later game when you get into the late 500-600 trophy range she’s still a very very deadly brawler.


And showdown and it doesn’t matter if you want to play solo showdown or duo showdown and of course use those star powers to your advantage once you do get them but she is just such a tank she does so much damage she’s so fast just like many of your other tanks showdown can definitely be one of the easiest game modes to pusher in you can kind of be a bully just like Boo and scare people away from getting those power cubes from cracking open those boxes or when they get them worn down and get close to getting power cubes and definitely just people underestimate her speed underestimate her range and she is just a fantastic brawler to use in showdown all around and you can see already with the help of the cult that I got with me we’re doing pretty dang good already with 9 power cubes and you can see some tips with her is really you know you gotta use the Dukan to your advantage some simple stuff you know big tank Ebola it got a little bit of the extra speed like most other tanks in the game so use that speed to your advantage juke the longer range brawlers the throwers as much as you possibly can and just work your way into getting close to them as you possibly can while avoiding taking as much damage as you possibly can I don’t really know any other way to make it more simpler for four methods to push Rosa.

But I will say that one of the brawler’s that you most definitely definitely want to keep an eye out for and this goes for every tank in that game is Shelly. Now Shelly can just absolutely destroy a Rosa it’s not as prominent now as it was when Shelly’s band-aid was so broken so hopping over here into another gamer that she’s good in and that’s Bravo and like I said before you want to watch out for the trade-offs on which star power which map you have if you’re at that level but if you don’t have her star power is really not that important and right now I’m showing you one of the the easier matches that I had playing Bravo with her and it’s kind of just how things you can expect them to go depending on your trophy level to lower you are it’s gonna be easier the higher you are the harder it’s going to get because there are a lot of good players that play this game mode but it is one of the more fun wants to play one of her better game modes in my opinion especially on a map like the one you see here where you can use that healing and these bushes to her advantage once you do get her start power but like I was saying before Shelly definitely counters Rosa it’s not as prominent as it once was with a band a star power in effect but it’s still one of the brawler’s that you most definitely need to look out for and the batch I just showed you is about as perfect as you can ask for.


A brawl ball match so instead of just showing you the best gameplay that I have, I’m of course gonna come over here and show you some of the worst gameplay that I have and this brawl ball match did not go according to planned at all so just check this thing out. I want to talk about Rosa’s some more her range is just short of 4 tiles her health is not the highest in the game as it’s just slightly I mean it’s right around where boo bull’s is it’s not as good as Frank or el Primo but it’s still one of the higher ones in the game her damage per second she does about 600 and something per attack when she’s maxed out depending on which star power you’re using you’ll use that other star power she gets the extra 200 damage per shot which can pretty much be the difference between doing around 18 1900 damage per little ammo bar that you get per attack or doing around 2400 damage per little ammo bar that you get on those attacks while you’re using your super so it just depends on how you want to play with her what you want to do but it is a pretty decent amount of damage if you notice like Bibi’s one shot per little thing it’s about the same damage as that.

So it’s pretty good for a tanky brawler like that to have that high of a damage same thing close to Frank’s damage close to their health, she’s just a little bit different in her range and her super high getting that shield if you’re going up against heavier tanky brawlers you definitely want to get that super and use that shield when you’re going in to attack them maybe not so much on some of the other brawlers now Piper can be a little bit more dangerous these days but brawlers they got a little bit lower health little squish here. You don’t have to use that shield as often when you’re going in to assassinate them but I mean rosas she’s definitely one of the brawler’s that you know you can definitely push very easy with very easy easy easy easy brawler to learn if you want to play in showdown and grind her out there I mean you can push her all the way probably in the 700s.

If you wanted to there you just use that shield to your advantage play smart and you won’t have any problems with her especially when you get her star power so Rose up I mean overall I think she’s kind of a copycat of el Primo if you read my previous articles you would have found out that she’s my least favorite brawler in the game and probably one of the reasons why I took so long to do the guide for her is because she is one of my least favorite brawlers in the game but you can see by the gameplay here even though it was completely atrocious on that second bro ball match still came out with the win just because Rosa is that much of a beast. So I hope you guys find this guide useful and it kind of saddens me that we’re getting so close to the end here Rosa is the second-last brawler that I have to do that’s released in the game now I know Gene it’s gonna be the next brawler so I’m not even when I have to be having votes anymore and then from that point on I’m only going to be able to do these when new brawler’s are released into the game they lookout for content that’s going to be kind of like replacing these guys. I will try and keep something strategy based stuff because I still feel like a lot of people have a long way to go in Brawl stars and can always use some more help some more tips some more stuff like that as they get further into the game

ROSA IS VERY OP! Stats, Super, Star Power and Mechanics Revealed!

She is gonna be a very easy to use Brawler. She will be very overwhelming in the lower trophy areas for sure.

Please comment below and tell us what you think about Rosa 😀


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