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The Latest Step-by-Step Guide to Robo Rumble Glitch Exploit

At first I didn’t really want to post this Robo Rumble Glitch/Exploit as there are already lots of people making videos/articles about this one.

However, I still see lots of people asking about it lately so I decided to make a small article about this for you guys.

Make sure you spend all of your Event Tickets today for maximizing your rewards before this glitch gets patched. It’s most likely that it will get patched in the upcoming Robo Rumble Events.

Update: New Exploits for Robo Rumble

robo rumble exploit

The best team for Robo Rumble so far is Dynamike, Nita, Pam. This is because:

  1. Pam can heal everyone with her turret and he is very strong in many situations.
  2. Dynamike and Nita help handle a few waves while charging their Super. After that, go to any red mark. At there, throw the Dynamike’s Super at the red circle then throw Nita’s Bear at the destroyed red circle.
  3. Keep doing the 2nd step to fill all of the other red dots with Nita’s Bears.
  4. You now win the game!

All of the bots spawning at the black spots will be targeting the Nita’s Bears instead of going to your Safe.

Shared by VS100

Robo Rumble Glitch/Exploit Step-by-Step (Old Guide)

Just follow these simple steps to get to the max time and earn the max reward in Robo Rumble!

  1. You need to have the El Primo in your team.
  2. Attack the robots and try to get your Super as quick as you can. Ideally before wave #5.
  3. Get to the top spot of the map, right at the 12 o’clock position. Use your Super to jump right onto it. Make sure you do this before wave #7 when the Robo Boss arrives.
    idle heroes exploit
  4. Keep moving to prevent getting kicked out because of idling. Make sure your two teammates are still are the Safe in case some bots come down to the Safe.
  5. Profit!


The reason why this works is because the bots spawn near El Primo, get distracted by him but and they just can’t get to him. So they will just sitting there.

13m14s is the maximum amount of time you can get in Robo Rumble. Tho you only need 6m15s to get the maximum rewards but in case you want to have the 13m14s mark on your profile, you can keep doing this.

Watch this video for more details:

Robo Rumble is BROKEN!!! | Get MAX Time EVERY Time! | Robo Rumble Glitch



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