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The Best Way to Use Ricochet in Brawl Stars

InDepth Guide to Using Ricochet Brawl Stars UP

Ricochet or Rico is a Super Rare Brawl Stars characters with relatively low health than others but can deal moderately high damage output. He is known for his unique bullets that can bounce off of walls and pierce through the enemies. 

Ricochet Brawl Stars is a Sharpshooter brawler that makes him quite intimidating to the enemy Brawl Stars characters during the game. Here we have geared up an in-depth guide for you to play Ricochet like a pro! 

Ricochet’s Main Attack: Bouncy Bullets

The name says it all, Ricochet fires five bullets within a low range that can bounce off of the walls. Usually, during the game, you may find your enemy somewhere around the corner; in such situations, this attack can be deadly as the bullets will bounce and hit the enemies, keeping them from retaliating. 

Ricochet’s Super: Trick Shot

While using his Super, Ricochet can fire a longer-ranged, larger explode of bouncing bullets which keeps traveling even after hitting the enemies and can bounce back from the walls. Rico’s Super is quite useful in those situations where all the enemies are present in a group so you can hit multiple enemies at once. The Super is similar to the main attack and can be used to attack enemies found in the corners. However, these bullets can hit the enemy only once. 

Ricochet’s Gadget: Multiball Launcher

Using this gadget, Ricochet can fire two waves of bullets in 8 directions within eight tiles around himself, each of them dealing 320 damage. These bullets work the same as the bullets in his Super; however, they last for a short period. 

Ricochet’s Star Powers

When the bullets from Ricochet’s main attack or Super bounce off a wall, they travel faster and deals 124 additional damage. These bullets start to glow when this Star Power is activated. This Star Power does not affect Multiball Launcher. 

When Ricochet’s health is lower than 40%, he gets a 34% boost in movement speed. This allows him to move much faster and escape from the enemies easily. Once his health restores to 40% or more, the effect of this Star Power goes away. 

Some Useful Tips to Use Ricochet

To wrap things up, here are various useful tips that can help you master Ricochet:

At the end of the day, it is all about using the right strategies and techniques. The more you play, the more codes you can crack to reach the top of the Brawl Stars Tier List

Meanwhile, have fun brawling!

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