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Quick Guide To Using El Primo 

El Primo is here to punch his enemies into oblivion! 

This rare Brawler deals serious damage to his opponents and sustains low damage to his health. His attacks are deadly and cause high damage to the enemy team, making him one of the most powerful Brawlers.

His Attacks

His primary attack is called “fists of fury”, which consists of repeatedly punching his enemies four times. His punches are powerful enough to pierce through enemies and walls, making it easier for him to damage multiple enemies at once.

He is also equipped with an amazing super power called “Flying Elbow Drop”, where he lands on a designated place from where he jumps and flying elbows his enemies causing minor damage because his Super is usually used for making space for El Primo Brawl Stars between his enemies.

One of his amazing star power, “El Fuego”, burns his enemies for 1200 health damage for 4 seconds after he uses his Super.

The second star power, “Meteor Rush”, gives him a speed burst where his speed movement increases by 25% for 4 seconds after using his Super.

Amazing Gadgets

How to Effectively Use El Primo

You can use these guidelines to use El Primo proficiently and damage the enemy Brawl Stars Characters swiftly and defeat them!

So what are you waiting for? Unlock El Primo now and smash enemy Brawlers in your next battle!


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