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It is time to brawl and it is also time to talk about Piper’s gadgets and star powers. We’re gonna break down Piper’s newest gadget coming in a few days and we’re also going to break down her original gadget and both of her star powers, then I’m going to rank them all and talk about Piper’s best build meaning her best star power and her best gadget to use the majority of the time. In other words, the ones most worth saving your gold for and no brawler build is complete without talking about their best skins as well.

So we’ll be ranking her skins as well. I will be writing a similar article for Crow cuz his second gadget was released. We tried this with Piper as well also if you didn’t see that one makes you go back and check it out and if you want more articles like this for all of the brawlers getting second gadgets.

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Let’s get into it. Piper’s newest gadget is homemade recipe which she can use three times per match. When she uses this, her next main attack will home in on enemies, you’ll notice that her attack joystick will actually start pulsing red and she’ll get a halo above her head that her teammates and enemies can see which will actually notify them that the next attack is going to be powered by her gadget. There is no way to cancel this ability so you’ll want to make sure that you make it count once you activate that gadget. Piper’s projectile is fast so this ability won’t actually turn the projectiles by more than just a couple of tiles worth of the distance it’s just enough turning to make a close shot hit the target.

But there are some things that you should know about this ability. The ability will home in on enemies hiding behind walls, in fact, you actually have to be pretty careful about how you angle your shots when you’re trying to hit someone behind walls because of this and there are times when shots can be angled to hit a target behind walls which is actually pretty handy and another handy feature is the fact that the homing feature will actually extend Piper’s range up to four tiles further than normal.

So that way her maximum range is going from 10 tiles to up to 14 tiles away from her. For reference that’s actually two tiles further than ticks attacks can reach which is absolutely crazy that is going to make Piper so good. And bounty, for the three times that she can use it per match now Piper’s damage actually depends on the range between her and the enemy brawler but this additional range doesn’t actually increase for maximum damage at all.

This ability only works on enemies so neutral targets like showdown boxes won’t be affected by this ability at all. This is actually pretty nice since it won’t throw projectiles off-course and she’s trying to hit an enemy brawler who’s sitting close to a box and showdown or like a high sustained now the homing ability does work against brawlers hidden in the grass but it does not work against the brawler’s that are invisible such as like a Leon or a sandy using their super.


We’ll talk about Piper’s other gadget and star powers before I actually rank the gadgets and talk about when to use them.


Piper’s first gadget is Auto aimer which she can use three times per match when Piper uses instability she pops a quick shot at the closest enemy which deals 100 damage to them which is not very much but it also pushes them back and slows them down for one second this ability has just over a six tile range and it pushes brawler’s almost two tiles away. Those two factors paired with the one-second slow means that Piper can actually use this to deal maximum damage to an enemy with a quick shot while they’re slowed if she quickly Auto aims a regular shot afterward that’s actually a really solid way to guarantee damage. But the biggest reason for Piper to use this ability isn’t actually for offense.

It’s as defense as a way to get away from a brawler who gets too close to her and what’s really great about this ability is that it can interrupt a brawler while they’re using their ability to the situation whereas this can be really helpful as like against a Frank or a Brock when they’re trying to use their super now this ability can not target neutral targets like safes or boxes in Showdown but a lesser-known fact about disability as the enemies can use objects like that as a shield against it so you kinda have to be careful about this when you’re playing with Piper.


Piper’s first start power is the ambush. This ability increases Piper’s damage when she’s hidden in a bush. Now the damage actually scales with her attack and deals a minimum of 200 additional damage up close and an additional 800 damage if she hits a target at maximum range.

Her ammo bar will turn yellow to let you know that her star power is ready to be used and a rainbow will actually follow her projectiles as a warning shot to enemy players and this allows Piper to deal insane amounts of damage at maximum range while she’s in a bush. This allows her to deal 2928 damage with a single shot. That’s enough to take out the following brawler’s with one less ammo BiBi, Bo, Daryl, el Primo, Emz Frank, Gale, Gene, Jacky, Jessie, Leon, Max, Mortis, Mr. P, Nita, Penny, Poco, Rosa, Sandy, Shelly, Surge and Tara.

That is 24 of the 38 brawlers in the game are raised the advantage and what’s even crazier is the fact that the only brawler that can survive 3 shots like that is Frank.


Piper second star power is snappy sniping. With this star power Piper instantly reloads 30% of an ammo every single time she hits an enemy with her attack. Let’s say you’re like an insanely good Piper player but it’s true if you get all of your shots and you fire off as quickly as possible it’s kind of like Piper has fourth ammo reloaded all the time and when it comes to the reload test where you see how long it takes for a brawler to unload and reload ten shots it improves Piper’s placement from dead last all the way up to 24th.

Which I know 24th doesn’t sound like super great it’s a little worse than average but that is a big improvement for a brawler like Piper who can hit so hard with her shots now.

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Let’s compare Piper’s gadget and star power. So I can recommend the best build for Piper and then we’ll rate her skins from worst to best. When it comes to Piper’s gadgets I think it really depends on which mode and map you’re going to be playing on. If there’s a lot of bushes in walls, I think you’re better off going with auto-aimer because there’s more of a chance that Piper’s going to have a run-in with some brawlers that get a little bit too close. Now if the map is more open and more likely that Piper will actually have the space to hit long-range shots her homemade recipe gadget is a no-brainer.

It gives her the ability to increase her range by the four tiles three times per match which is crazy deadly. Especially in a game like a bounty where Piper really thrives and it’s going to make it much harder for enemies to dodge her shots because they’re going to home in on them. Now, this is typically not a good idea to play Piper on close Maps with lots of walls and bushes. I definitely think that her newest gadget homemade recipe is the better of the two. I think auto-aimer is like a B tier gadget while homemade recipe is an S tier gadget because it really helps Piper thrive even more where she already thrives.

I think people are going to be really terrified of a Piper that can shoot 14 tiles away from her with a bullet that can home in on them when it comes to Piper star powers once again I think it’s kind of depend she just needs enough Bush that she can actually move around enough to dodge shots that are being fired away. If there’s enough bush for that in a position where Piper actually has a tactical advantage. Absolutely go with Piper’s ambush starpower.

If there’s not enough bush on the map for Piper to be able to dodge shots while remaining in her bush or if the bushes are in like a weird place that Piper shouldn’t want to be in, anyway her snappy sniping starpower is going to provide more consistent damage it basically gives Piper an additional ammo for every three shots hit which means that if you can hit your shots this starpower is pretty good.

So what if you were really good at hitting your shots with Piper but you’re also on a map that has enough bush. In that case. I still think that ambush is going to be the better start power for a couple of reasons first of all the extra damage is very deceiving and it helps Piper take out many brawlers with one last ammo. Second, playing Piper in the bushes is a smart way to play Piper anyway there’s a reason why when you’re watching any sniper in like any movie they’ve typically hidden away where nobody can see them. It’s because when snipers can’t be seen it’s much harder to avoid their shots so since Piper’s should be playing in the bush to make her less predictable most of the time ambush is going to provide value most consistently.

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I think ambush is an S tier star power whereas snappy sniping is kind of like A – close to the verge of being a B-tier star power when it comes to Piper’s best build obviously it’s going to depend a lot on the map and the meta. If there’s a lot of bushes and you’re worried about brawlers getting too close I recommend playing with auto aimer gadget and her ambush start power. If there’s no bush but lots of walls go with her auto aimer and her snappy sniping star power but if you’re going to be playing Piper on her ideal map and meta which is where there’s lots of space for her to hit her shots from and there’s enough bush for her to actually dodge shots while remaining hidden.

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Her best build by far is absolutely Homemade recipe gadget with her ambush star power and if you’re only able to pick one gadget and one star power that’s the exact build that I would recommend because that’s the type of situation the Piper really thrives in and that build is going to make her strongest where she can be and easiest to push. And of course, know best build is incomplete without talking about the best skins because skins equal wins guys.


I like Piper’s base model it looks very clean is one of the recently improved models but it’s certainly the least exciting out of her actual skins and I think it’s fair to rank it. Now this might actually be a little controversial but I’m going to rank her true silver Piper skin as the worst skin for Piper aside from the base model of course I like the true golden shrew solar skins but I’m a much bigger fan of the gold one over the silver one. I mean the silver ones are cool flex and it shows off to being playing for a long time but I can’t count it as my absolute favorite or really even one of my favorites.

Next, I’m going with pink Piper I actually really like this skin quite a bit. I remember Princess Peach and super smash brothers. So this one has a special place in my heart because it kind of reminds me of her that being said it is only a recolor which is nice because it’s cheap and it’s actually free because it’s star points but it’s definitely not my favorite skin for Piper. Next, I’m gonna go with Calavera Piper. I like the theme and it’s actually really kind of cool to see her dress up like Poco as like a day of the dead brawler and correct me if I’m wrong.

But this was only 80 gems so the fact that it doesn’t actually have animation or anything like that it’s just fine for me. Now for her last two skins, it was a tough call for me to choose between the best but I’m actually going to choose her true gold skin as my second favorite Piper skin. I know it’s just like a metallic recolor of the base Piper skin but you’ve gotta admit that the gold really stands out on the battlefield and also this skin is a straight-up flex on other players because you don’t have the gold to buy it unless you have so much money that buying it isn’t irresponsible or you’re just irresponsible or you’ve been playing the game for such a long time that you have enough gold for it.

And when I say a long time I mean you’ve been actively playing it almost every single day because it takes a ton of gold to buy the skin especially if you’re a free-to-play player or a light spender. Lastly is my favorite Piper skin Cupid Piper. I love her dress I love her heart-shaped hair but what really makes the skin Piper’s best skin is the projectile and her super she drops heart grenades for her super and her attack is a rainbow heart which looks so cool I will say though that although this is my favorite skin for Piper, I’m actually really looking forward to some cooler Piper skins that really stands out is like one of my favorite.

So this is my ultimate Piper build, Cupid Piper skin, her new homemade recipe gadget along with her ambush star power and then, of course, you guys can let me know in the comment section if you disagree with this at all but I think it’s a pretty solid build make sure you subscribe for more best brawler builds like this. Until next time PEACE!


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