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How to Master Piper Brawl Stars Character – 15 Quick Tips!

Piper Brawl Stars

Here are the best 15 tips you should know when playing Piper Brawl Stars!

15 Quick Tips for Piper Brawl Stars!

1 Piper has one of the longest range in the game, with a 10 tile reach. Only Brock, Spike, and Gene are able to reach her at her full range.

2 Piper can target a brawler who’s hiding behind a wall, if that brawler is too close to the edge of the wall.

3 She does more damage the farther away her target is. From 9.1 to 10 tiles, she does the most damage.

4 At max range, Piper can destroy more than half the brawlers in the game with just two shots!


With her Star Power, we can add

That’s about 80% of the brawlers in the game!

5 Her projectile speed is the fastest in the game. You should always aim about 1 tile further than where your target is walking towards.

6 Piper has a very slow reload, so you should take your time with every shot instead of spamming. Have your shot pre-aimed, so the moment they are about to turn, you can let go!

7 You should only tap quickfire when the enemy is walking forward or backward in a straight line, or if they are 5 tiles away, they can’t escape.

8 A great idea when you’re low on HP is to quickly use up all your ammo, so you can recover and reload at the same the time. Multitask like a pro!

9 It only takes Piper 3 shots from long range to get her Super.

10 Piper is best when there are very few walls, so it’s a great idea to use her Super to break walls to open up areas for her to snipe. Especially if the other team has a Barley or Dynamike who benefit from walls.

11 You can also use her Super to destroy bushes, so brawlers are unable to sneak up on you.

12 If the other team has a brawler that can rush you, such as a Mortis or a Leon with his Super, then you should always hold onto your Super and not waste it, so you can prevent them from rushing you.

13 Piper’s best game mode to push with is Bounty because she can use her long range and power to destroy brawlers from a safe distance without dying.

14 She is also an amazing brawler for Duo Showdown, especially very open maps such as Double Trouble, Dune Drift, and Thousand Lakes.

15 The best brawler to couple Piper with is Brock because he can get his Super very quickly and break a lot of walls to open up the map for her. Piper’s Super also breaks walls, which are beneficial to Brock as well, so these two make a perfect couple.



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