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Hello fellow brawlers. Here’s some insight on Shelly’s newest gadget, CLAY PIGEONS. We are gonna break down Shelly’s original and new gadgets and her star power. After that, we are gonna rank the gadgets and star power, and talk about the best build for Shelly Brawl Stars.

Clay Pigeons

Shelly’s second gadget, CLAY PIGEONS, can be used three times per match. When activated, Shelly’s next main attack focuses the fire to a smaller area and increases the range. This means this gadget will give Shelly eighth longest range in Brawl Stars. In comparison, it is shorter than Rico’s shots bounced or Gene’s attack, and it is longer than Mr.P’s or Brock’s attack. The maximum damage Shelly can do if you aim the gadget perfectly is 2100 (maxed out Shelly).

Once activated, this gadget can not be cancelled like Piper’s HOMEMADE RECIPE and Dynamike’s SATCHEL CHARGE. Therefore, it is best to use it when you see the opportunity.

This gadget gives Shelly the range to deal with snipers including Bea and Piper, since they have lower health than the average, Shelly can deal about half of their health most of the time. Clay Pigeons will also let Shelly finish off brawlers that are low, especially when they are out of Shelly’s typical range.

Obviously, Shelly’s Clay Pigeons will make it so that Shelly will have less spread radius than her normal attack, meaning you will have to utilize this gadget correctly in order to get the true value out of it. The bullets are very hard to hit most of the times, since they travel very quickly, and the enemy can easily dodge it. A good practice would be learning to snipe accurately with Piper or Bea. Also, this can be used to charge Shelly’s super which gives much more potential to Shelly in modes like Hot Zone or Solo Showdown.

Fast Forward

Shelly’s first gadget, FAST FORWARD, can be used three times per match. On activation, Shelly dashes ahead, skipping a few unnecessary steps! To be specific, she skips three tiles. This gadget might seem much more boring than the other one, but this gadget gives Shelly the ability to chase an enemy to charge her super.

Main use of this gadget, however, would be to close the gaps and deal 2100 damage per shot just on her basic attack. She can also use this ability to super at enemy’s face, which is 448 times 9, or 4032 damage at maxed.

Comparing to other dash abilities, including Max’s Phase Shifter, Tick’s Back Up Mine, and even Surge’s Power Surge, this one is by far the worst. It doesn’t have a secondary effect on the dash. For example, Max’s Phase Shifter shields Max immune, and Tick’s Back Up Mine drops one tick bomb when Tick dashes. However, the most important part of this comparison is that there are no brawlers like Shelly that can approach you and deal an extreme amount of damage.

From the recent Super Charge buff to Shelly, now Shelly charges super every two full hits. Meaning, she can now get her super, hit an enemy, and she would only have to hit them one more time to get another super. This is an indirect buff to Fast Forward.

Which Shelly Brawl Stars Gadgets to Choose?

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If you are playing Shelly in Bounty or more of an open map, Shelly’s Clay Pigeons will be a better option. Her additional range will help Shelly Brawl Stars cope with snipers in bounty like Piper and Brock, and this ability also helps her finish off brawlers which can be very important in Bounty.

However, in EVERY SINGLE OTHER MODES, including Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, etc, you would definitely want to go for Fast Forward. The ability to dash into brawlers and blast them at the face can be very critical in many matches. Fast Forward can be used for both defensively and offensively, which she can dash in for super charge and damage and dash out when she gems in Gem Grab for example. In Heist, she can use Fast Forward to approach a tank that are usually used in Heist and this will give her a lot of potential in Heist.

For Showdown players, Clay Pigeons could work, especially when you are trying to end off brawlers, but Fast Forward gives you ability to eliminate your enemies by dashing in and attacking or using your super. You can also use this gadget when you are running away from another brawler.


With this ability, Shelly’s Super shells slow down enemies for 3.0 seconds! Shelly is 8th out 10 brawlers that can slow down enemies, and this slow down effect lasts shorter than Crow’s second gadget, Slowing Toxin. This star power can be extremely deadly, and is to be used in 3v3 game modes. This is because her super can now slow down any enemies for 3.0 seconds, and she can use this ability to gain control. As we talked about in previous articles, gaining control in 3v3 is very crucial.

Shelly deals a lot of damage at short or medium range, and when the enemies are slowed, she can approach them much easier and take them out much quicker. This star power can also be used when retreating in Gem Grab, to slow down enemies so they can not catch up. Shellshock is also really good in Brawl Ball, which she can either slow down enemies so that they would struggle on scoring or slow them down so they can’t catch up with her.

This star power, can be already seen to be used with her first gadget, Fast Forward, which will give Shelly so much more diversity of who she can deal and counter easily with. The slow down effect and the dash can both impact how Shelly can be played in competitive matches, since it will make it much easier for Shelly to reach close to the enemies.


With this ability, When Shelly falls below 40% health, she instantly heals for 1800 health. Band-Aid recharges in 20,0 seconds. If you played when the second star power were released, this star power completely took over the game and this star power was nerfed many times until now. Still, 1800 health is a no joke.

One thing to note is that Band-Aid has 20.0 second recharge time, meaning it won’t activate every time you fall below 40% health. (By the Way, to know what 40% health of your level Shelly is, simply multiply (Your Shelly Health) and 0.4. For example, maxed out Shelly’s 40% health would be 5340 times 0.4 which equals to 2128.

This is potentially very good since it can recharge multiple times unlike Bea’s Honey Coat star power. Shellshock will make Shelly’s total health 7120 (at maxed) which is more than maxed out Bull, El Primo, or even Jacky. This is enough health for Shelly to be called as a tank, and the main point of Shelly is to destroy other tanks, which makes this star power very good. Another good thing about this star power is that no one can predict that a Shelly would have Band-Aid, so she can surprise them with unexpected extra health.

Which Star Power to Choose?

For Solo Showdown, Duo Showdown, and Bounty, you would definitely want to go for Band-Aid. In these modes, staying alive is much more important than getting kills, and Band-Aid can help you a lot in these cases. Even though you won’t play Shelly in Bounty most of the times, her Band-Aid Star power would give her much more viability against other snipers and tanks, since she can survive much longer.

In Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, and Heist, Shellshock is a much better choice since 3.0 second slowdown can affect the game a lot, for example, it can stop an enemy from scoring, or killing the gem-carrier with that slowdown. In Heist, Shelly would be able to defend much more effectively, since the slow down would make brawlers struggle to get on the heist.

In Siege and Hot Zone, both of them would work fine. The extra health from Band-Aid star power can help Shelly stay in control for a longer time, but Shellshock can also help Shelly stay in control since she will be able to eliminate enemies easily with the slow down. However, the best star power would be Shellshock, since it can be game-changing in many cases.

Besy Builds For Shelly Brawl Stars

Her worst build would be Clay Pigeons with her Shellshock Star Power. There can be cases where you would want to slow down an enemy and then take them from distance, but there are better builds.

Next is her second gadget, Clay Pigeons with Shelly’s second-star power, Band-Aid. This build is mainly for Bounty map Snake Prairie or other more of open Bounty maps, since she can use Clay Pigeons to snipe from distance, and Band-Aid would help her survive much longer, which is what Bounty is all about.

The second best build is Fast Forward with Band-Aid star power. This build is for mainly Solo Showdown and Duo Showdown, which is really good for Shelly. She can use Fast Forward to ambush enemies or run away from risky situations, since showdown is all about surviving. Speaking of surviving, her Band-Aid star power would help her survive longer, which is very effective.

However, the best build is Shelly’s first gadget, Fast Forward with first star power, Shellshock. This build is very good in Brawl Ball, which is by far Shelly’s best game mode. Shelly can use this gadget to pop up at your face and blast you, and with Shellshock equipped, she can take you out even more quickly. The slow down, as we talked about before, can affect the whole game and can bring extreme values. 

Best Skins for Shelly Brawl Stars

We will first rank the skins quickly then go in for more detail.

  1. Witch Shelly
  2. Star Shelly
  3. Bandita Shelly
  4. True Gold Shelly
  5. PSG Shelly
  6. True Silver Shelly
  7. Default Shelly

First up, we have True Silver Shelly. It got recent changes, but there are better options for skins. PSG Shelly is next, and even though she was free for winners of PSG championship, the skin has no animation or effect changes. Up next we have True Gold Shelly, it is flashy and bling, and is very appealing in-game. After that we have Bandita Shelly. For 30 gems, she brings amazing value and her visuals are amazing! Second from top is Star Shelly. This skin was given out for free for players who played before 2019. Therefore this proves you are OB (original Brawler) and this skin has amazing effects to it. However, the top skin is Witch Shelly. Not only does she have an amazing animation with her cat, but she has astonishing effects on her attack and super, which makes me go Witch Shelly as the best skin for Shelly.

Ultimate Build for Shelly Brawl Stars

There you have it! Shelly with her first gadget, Fast Forward, and her first star power, Shellshock is the best build for Shelly! Her best skin is Witch Shelly. Let me know if you agree or disagree on anything, and for now, peace!

Best Build for SHELLY! | Gadget & Star Power Breakdown & Tier List
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