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The Best Brawl Stars Tips That Turn Newbies Into Pro!

Hey guys it’s Ash and today I’m going to give you guys Brawl Stars Tips with 10 newbie tips and a brawl stars hack cheatsheet that will turn you into a pro player in Brawl Stars! 

Top 10 Brawl Stars Tips and Tricks That Quickly Turn You Into Pro!

1. Spam Super Button When Normal Attacking

Whenever I’m playing with a new player, one key trick I always give them is to spam their Super button when you really need to win a 1v1 even if you don’t have Super.

The reason for this is, if you’re tapping the Super button when you don’t have Super, the game will treat as a normal auto attack.

However, the benefit from spamming the Super is that the moment you obtain your Super, you’ll immediately use it without any delay.

Every millisecond counts in Brawl Stars, so being able to immediately use it will help you win many 1v1 situations.

2. Tanks Have More Speed, Commit To Rushing

A big tip for when you’re playing with a tank such as Primo, Rosa, Frank, or Bull is to commit to rushing an enemy if they’re close to you.

The reason for this is, tanks have more speed than all other brawlers except Mortis, Crow, Leon, and Colt with Star Power. This is very important to know because one of the biggest mistakes I see players make is that they shy away from brawlers with more range.

If you’re a Primo and you have a Nita on your side, don’t be shy, just run up to her because she’s not going to do much damage to you and because Primo has more speed, he’ll be able to catch up to Nita and beat her.

3. Get Behind A Box or Wall to Shield Yourself in Showdown

In Showdown, against brawlers that don’t do splash damage or piercing damage, you can use the boxes to shield yourself.

You can even hide yourself in between a box and wall like this. This is super useful for winning 1v1s.

4. If Enemy Is Juking, Shoot One Direction Multiple Times

If you’re having a difficult time shooting an enemy who keeps moving left and right to dodge your attacks, then stop shooting left and right. Instead, focus on shooting in that same direction twice.

This way if the enemy tries to dodge by moving left and right, you’re guaranteed to hit him.

5. Spread Dynamike’s Attack, Load Up and Then Attack 2 At A Time

When using Dynamike, focus on shooting 2 shots at the same time while spreading them.

Dynamike’s shot is one of the hardest to land, and easiest to dodge. However, if you were to throw two shots at the same time and spread them out, you’re increasing the area of damage, meaning you have a much higher chance of landing your shots.

6. Throw Dynamite In Front Of Yourself When Mortis is Chasing You

If you’re a Dynamike who’s being chased by a Mortis, then always make sure to throw your dynamites in front of you.

This way if the Mortis tries to dash through you, he will take over 2000 damage.

7. Flash Leon’s Super Before Hiding in Bushes for Mind games so they waste ammo

If you love psychology, then your favorite brawler is probably Leon. Leon is so good for mind games.

A really good trick when you have his Super is to flash it and show your enemy that you have your Super and are about to use it. Then immediately hide in a bush. This will make your enemy think you used your Super and they’ll start to shoot all the place and waste their ammo trying to find out where you are. Then after about 5 seconds when they’ve wasted all their ammo, use your Super and take them out easily.

8. Primo Super to Score Ball, Small Swipe Up

When using Primo’s Super to score, don’t swipe up all the way because you’re going to miss the ball and won’t be able to pick it up.

Practice on reactively doing small swipe ups, so you can instantly grab the ball as you use your Super.

Knowing how to do this effectively will help you win so many games easily in Brawl Ball.

9. Solo Pull with Tara Super with Auto Aim, Load Up Full Ammo

Whenever you’re using Tara’s Super, always make sure to first load up full ammo before using it.

The biggest mistake I always see a bad Tara player make is that they always rush their Super when they don’t have full ammo, and they end up wasting it.

Another big tip is to focus more on getting a good solo pull instead of trying to pull more than one brawler.

I see so many bad Supers and wasted Supers when a player gets greedy and tries to pull more than one brawler. Most pros don’t get greedy, because they know if they can just pull a single brawler like Pam, they can kill her very easily, and get back Tara’s Super with just a few more hits.  

10. Bo Mines for Defense

If the enemy has a Leon or Mortis, it’s a smart idea to use your Bo’s Super and place mines around yourself.

This way, if an invisible Leon comes after you, your mines will be able to protect you.

If the enemy Mortis tries to dash on you, he will also pay the consequences.

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