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Top 10 Biggest Brawl Stars Mistakes New Players Always Do

In this article, let’s talk about the most common mistakes new players usually do while playing Brawl Stars.

After reading this guide, I believe that your gameplay will be improved a lot. Your win-rate will become a lot better. It’s because most of the time you will not probably know that these are the biggest mistakes you usually make.

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Top 10 Biggest Mistakes New Players Usually Do

Bunch Up in the Middle and Stay Too Close to Friendly Brawlers

Don’t ever do this!

This is because there are lots of Brawlers that do splash damage and they can damage to your entire team at once.

It will be incredibly difficult for you to dodge the enemy shots. You could get attacked by all of them at once.

When everyone stays close together, it gives you less control on the map, which results in lots of deaths.

If your team spread out, the enemy players will have to fire off against your team individually, just one on one . And if one of them dodge the shots, the shots will most likely hit the other teammate in their team.

This is what looks like when an experienced team facing another experienced team. Whenever you dodge a shot, it will be a benefit for you and your team. This will come down to individual player skill and if you can take out the enemy facing you, you can either push up and keep the enemy team back, or you can help your teammate on the other lane and make it a 2v1 matchup.

lineups brawl stars

So do yourself a favor and split up, even if you were supposed to be in the middle as a Gem Carrier on Gem Grab or something like that.

Play Brawlers on Modes and Maps that They Are Just Not Good On

Playing the right Brawlers on a given mode or map makes a huge difference.

Every brawler has modes and maps that they do really well in. There are some Brawlers that are just awful on certain maps and modes.

It of course does take some time for you to figure out which Brawlers work on which map but actually you can take a look at the Brawl Stars tier list to see which brawlers are the best for every single mode.

brawl stars tier list

Brawl Stars Tier List v8.0 by Kairostime

Quickly Spam All of 3 Shots

If you usually spam all of three shots as soon as the enemy is within your attack range this, there is a very good chance that you won’t actually have enough ammo to take out an enemy brawler when they are one shot away from getting killed.

What experienced players always do is they will willingly shoot out when the 3rd ammo whenever it is charged up. It will automatically charge back like really quickly but by not firing off more than one shot at a time.

You should always have two ammo slots available to actually finish off their opponents once the time is right.

To do so, remember that the early fight doesn’t actually matters. The finishing kills is what actually matter in Brawl Stars.

If you don’t have enough ammo to finish off your opponents at the end of the battle, it is a huge disadvantage.

Walk Directly to and Directly Away From the Target.

This makes your movement incredibly predictable, which allows enemies to hit you more frequently.

Instead of doing this, experienced players move in somewhat random movement patterns.

This is very important because especially against Brawlers like Shelly Colt or Brock Brock, Ricochet Ricochet etc, who are very straight shooters, where if you walk directly to them or directly away from them, that actually allows them to get maximum damage with their auto aim.

Utilize the walls

Walking Out in the Open when You Could Be Using Walls

Walls are your best source of protection in Brawl Stars.

Using walls allows you to have defenses to hide behind. It gives you some cover when the enemy player is firing off at you and need to heal up or you want to recharging the ammo. Or if you just want to avoid fighting.

If you learn to stick close to those walls rather than walking out in the open, it will greatly improve your survivability.

Use the Auto-Aim All The Time!

There are some close-range Brawlers that are very good at using Auto-aim but you should not use the Auto-aim for majority of your shots.

It is very easy to tell if someone is using auto aim. And once you recognized that, it’s even easier for you to dodge their shots.

You should learn how to lead your shots. Your shots should actually attack where the enemy players are moving to so your shots will hit them once they get there.

One of the best ways for you you is to aim right next to the corners of walls. Players usually try to go around the walls to heal up or recharge ammo. So it is very likely that they will actually be going right next to those walls.

Auto aim is a very important tool that helps new players learn the mechanics of the game without having to have the perfect aim at the beginning.

But this also doesn’t mean that always using the manual aim is the best way to play the game.

Forget To Heal Up

Defense is way more important than offense in Brawl Stars.

This is true In Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Heist, Bounty,.. every single mode in game!

This is a very important thing because every time you get taken out and have to respawn, you lose control of the area, it will take time for you to walk back, your teammates will get ganged up on and you will lose an opportunity to actually shoot at the enemy brawlers if it comes to a critical moment where they could be taken out.

These things will not happen if you fall back a bit to heal or use bushes or the walls to do the same.

Don’t Utilize The Bushes On The Map

Even if you are still planning on firing back at the enemy, there will be time in-between your shots or in-between the time that you actually get hit by the enemy Brawler that you will be invisible.

And this leaves the enemy having to guess where you are, helping you stay alive longer and gain more ammo advantage.

Not to mention the fact that if the enemy players are not paying enough attention, there is a good chance to be able to surprise them in the bush.

Walking Towards A Bush

You should always check the bushes.

I can’t stress enough how important this is.

Push 1-2 Brawlers Way Harder Than The Others

I have seen a lot of new players pushing only Bull Bull, El Primo El Primo or Shelly Shelly as hard as they possibly can and then hardly touching any of the other Brawlers in the game.

That makes sense because they are the easiest to actually do pretty well with auto-aim.

But there are 5 big reasons why you should not to this:

  1. Not all brawlers are good at all of the game modes and maps.
  2. The skills required for you to win significantly increases every 100 trophies. You will face lots of skilled players at high trophies where your main Brawlers are just not good in those games.
  3. The game will become very boring if you just keep playing a few brawlers.
  4. Total trophy is what matters most if you want to unlock more rewards. It is incredibly easy to push to 3000 trophies and unlock Shelly Bo.
  5. You can learn strengths of weaknesses of all Brawlers with ease by playing them. This will also improve your skills a lot.


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