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It is time for the Surge Olympics. We’re going to cover everything that you need to know about Surge. We’re gonna cover exactly how his mechanics works and then we’re going to compare him against every other brawler in the game by seeing how he does in the brawl Olympics events.

Supercell did give me permission to show you guys Season 2’s brawl pass but I’m actually gonna save that for a future sneak peek, because I’m still going over all the math to compare this pass to the first season pass. Make sure you guys subscribe, so you don’t miss it.


Surge is a chromatic brawler. He’ll have a legendary drop rate during Season 2 of the brawl pass and then his drop rate will decrease to mythic and then epic in seasons three and later. But if you buy Season Two’s brawl pass, you’ll unlock him for free once you reach rank 30. This is what it looks like when you unlock surge.

He’s a protector with a penchant for enemies. He attacks foes with energy drink blast and his super upgrades him with totally awesome body models. Now when Surge loses he runs out of energy drink and powers down to rock out for another day.


The juice of Justice, Surge serves a shot of laser that splits into two when it hits enemy targets this is what as attacks normally look like if it does not hit an enemy target. After the attack splits each projectile deals half of the damage of the original projectile. They also charge up surges Super half as much as a regular projectile. As well Surge’s super is pretty tricky.

When Surge uses his super he gets upgraded with a maximum of three upgrades this is what it looks like when he is at stage zero with no upgrades. When he upgrades to stage one his wings fly out and he gets boosted movement speed and as you can see right here that movement speed is actually very significant with his second upgrade. Surge puts on a helmet that boosts his vision and helps him increase his attack range. Once again this is a pretty significant increase.


For Surge’s third and final upgrade, Surge pulls out a super cool looking lightsaber looking like a sword that makes it so that his main attack splits into six projectiles instead of just two. Each of these six projectiles will all deal half his normal attack damage which is a huge buff for his offensive ability in team fights. You’ll also notice these four symbols next to his name that makes it very clear which upgrade level you are in. And enemy players are able to see these symbols as well. So it’s really clear for everyone how upgraded surge is. If surge dies he respawns with no upgrades no matter how upgraded he was before he died.

This is also true after a goal is scored in brawl ball to his viability. If enemies are close to surge when he uses his super, they’ll take some damage and also get knocked back as well his upgrade jump is always straight into the air and 1/3 tile below where he was originally standing. You can’t aim in any specific direction kind of like how Crow can’t actually land in the same exact spot that he jumps up from.

If timed correctly surge can use this ability right when the projectile is coming close to him to avoid damage.


Surge’s gadget, “Power surge“. When surge activates this gadget he overloads his circuits and teleports a short distance forward. This is gonna allow surge to either escape or get a surprise on the enemy trying to run away and what I find really cool is he can actually teleport through walls. In fact, he can teleport through up to 4 blocks of wall, he can also teleport through projectiles to avoid damage.


Surge’s Star Power now makes surge’s main attack split when hitting walls or when reaching max distance. Without this star power his attacks only split when they hit an enemy target. But with this star power, it’ll be much easier for Surge to attack around corners or walls and it’s especially beneficial in ensuring Surge’s attack deal damage as frequently as possible and when Surge is completely upgraded at his highest level it’s even possible for Surge to hit three projectiles on the same target if it explodes right next to them.

This is really hard to pull off but if it does happen the enemy will take a ton of damage.


Now that we know how Surge works, we’re gonna put him through a bunch of tests that was designed to see how he’s going to do against all other brawlers in various aspects of the game. We’re gonna start with his worst test and move our way our through his best tests.


Surge’s worst test is the super range test. The circle around him looks like, I don’t know maybe three tiles but it’s actually much bigger than his effective range which only reaches two tiles. This is the shortest range super aside from Leon and Rosa who don’t have supers that have ranges. Which means the surge takes 36th out of 38 brawlers in the super range test.


The supercharge test, this test is an effective measurement of how frequently a brawler will be able to charge up their super. Surge requires four hits to completely charge of his super but because Surge has a really slow reload speed it takes him 3.1 seconds to charge his super against a single target. This place Surge in 34th out of the thirty-eight brawlers for the super charge test. This would actually suggest this surge will not be able to charge his super as frequently as other brawlers which are very impactful on him because his long-term strength depends on him being able to charge up his super.

As a sidenote Surge can recharge his super with a super and three hits allowing him to complete this test in only 1.8 seconds.


The dive test, this test determines a brawler’s effectiveness at dealing damage under high-pressure situations. Surge uses his super and gadget to try and avoid taking damage but unfortunately, he’s only able to deal 4620 damage before getting taken out by the IKE turret. I could have done more with three perfectly aimed shots with the help of his star power to deal 2.3 damage per hit but I couldn’t get anywhere close to perfectly aiming three shots like that before getting taken out. So auto-aiming was actually the best way to deal as much damage as possible.

Surge takes 32nd out of 38 brawler’s for the dive test.


The assassin tests this test measures a brawler’s ability to deal as much damage to a single target in 3 seconds as possible. Surge able to use one super 3 attacks and a second super before the three seconds are up in that time he’s able to kill 7420 which places him in 30th of the 38 brawler’s. Even at his max upgrade level surge is not much of a burst brawler against a single target, he’s much better at dealing with multiple targets or controlling a specific location.


The boss test this test helps measure how effective a brawler’s potential overall DPS is over the course of a match just like any other brawler starts out without a super charge. So it takes him a while to fully upgrade once he does though with the help of his star power, he’s able to hit the boss with one and a half times worth his regular damage by firing at the wall right next to the boss. Even with the help of the star power and his supercharge all the way to maximum upgrade, Surge takes 1 minute and 23 seconds to take out the boss.

Because of his slow reload and low damaging attacks and supers surge takes 29th out of 38 brawlers for the boss test which he would actually suggest that he’s not great at dealing a lot of damage against a single target over a period of time.


The reload test it takes Surge 23 seconds to completely unload and reload ten attacks that averages his reload speed to 2.3 seconds and ties him with several other brawlers for 27 out of the 38 brawlers. For reference that’s the same reload speed as Penny, Tara, Nani, and a few other brawlers. As well Surge’s reload speed is on the lower side of things which means you’re going to have to be very careful about how you aim each one of his shots.


The survival test, Surge has 4340 health at max level and that does not change with any of his upgrades. This is slightly more health than Sprout and slightly less health than Max and a few other brawlers. He doesn’t have any ways to shield or decrease the damage he takes and he lasts for 11.1 seconds this ties him with a few other brawlers for 25th out of the 38 brawlers. He is definitely on the squishier side of the brawlers but not terrible.


The swarm tests, this test measures how well a brawler is able to deal with multiple targets. Surge is able to complete this test in 11.7 seconds which puts him in 24th for the test. I think this Surge is most effective at controlling certain areas of the field in teamfights but his lower damage prevents him from doing well in this test.


The super test, although Surge does have to be very close to an enemy brawler to deal damage to them with his super does deal 1.4 thousand damage it’s not a ton but it’s enough to put him in 16th out of 38 brawler’s for the super test.


The attack test, normally Surge’s attacks deal 1540 damage by themselves but with his star power a perfectly aimed attack can deal 2310 damage which is enough to put him in 12th for this test. Surge can take out Tick with two regular attacks and he can three-shot Barley, Bea, Brock, Colt, Crow, Dynamike, Jessie, Leon, Max, Mr. P, Nani, Penny, Piper, Rico, Spike, and Sprout. Not to mention other surges. The twenty other brawlers require four or more hits to get taken out by surge.


The race test, Surge is really interesting in the race test before any upgrades he actually has a slow movement speed meaning that he’s slower than most brawlers in the game. He’s not as slow as 8-bit who has a very slow movement speed but he’s slower than most. After surge upgrades once though his movement speed increases by almost 30%. So this surge can walk just as fast as Crow, Max or Mortis but when he’s competing in the race test, Surge can also use his gadget twice to give him a bit of an advantage.

He’s able to complete the race test in 9.5 seconds meaning that he steals ninth place from both.


The push and pull test, now most brawlers don’t have a way to push or pull brawlers but Surge’s super does push enemies back by two tiles this places him in ninth place for this test.


And now it’s the time that you guys have been waiting for surges best Olympics event and then I’m going to briefly talk about how strong I think Surge is going to be in each of the modes. Surge’s best mode is the attack range tests. Before upgrade to Surge has a pretty short attack range of only 6 and 2/3 tiles but once he upgrades a second time his range increases by 2 tiles for range of 8 and 2/3 tiles. That’s pretty impressive but if Surge upgrades a third time and he has his star power he can actually angle his shots perfectly to reach 12 tiles ahead of him.

Obviously this is really tricky to do but in the right situation it does actually work out in fact this means that Surge takes third place for the attack range test and has a slightly longer maximum range than even spike.


Now let’s talk about how strong I think Surge is going to be.


I think that Surge’s worse mode is going to be the brawl ball for a lot of different reasons. Struggling with high health brawlers very easily because of his low reload speed and low damage and while Surge can typically ramp up over time, his upgrade level gets reset whenever a goal is made which means that he’s punished much harder than other brawlers for super resetting in brawl ball. So for me, he’s F tier in brawl ball.


I also think he’s going to be F tier in the heist. It’s pretty normal to die frequently in heist because the enemy team is constantly trying to push you back to your own safe and you’re constantly trying to overextend yourself into their side of the field. That paired up with the fact that a surge has low consistent damage over time means that he is going to struggle in heist.


I thought about putting surge in the B tier for bounty but in the end, I’ve actually decided to put him in the F tier here as well. He’s not going to be good in long-range fights because his normal range is so short there’s gonna be nearly impossible for charge up his super consistently for him to actually increase his range. But on some maps where there are a lot of walls for search to hide behind I think he might do okay, if he charges his attacks by hitting enemies around the corners.

But once he reaches to his maximum upgrade level without dying he could be an absolute beast even then though he’s still super squishy, so one mistake might cost Surge all of his progress and that’s especially considering the fact that he’s gonna be facing against long-range throwers which are gonna be a struggle for him.


Next out, duo and solo showdown where I’m gonna give him the B tier rating. Surge requires three power cubes in order for him to be able to 3 shot a box plus he starts out with a slow-moving speed which means he’s going to be stuck at boxes much longer than most brawlers, if Surge is able to charge up a super pretty early on in the match and get a couple of power cubes he’s gonna be a lot more formidable but his surge can last long enough for him to completely upgrade himself three times he’s going to be very difficult to beat.

That’s going to take a lot of skill though because Surge is a very weak brawler before he’s fully upgraded.


I’m also gonna give Surge a B tier rating in the siege. I think Surge is going to be the best in modes where he can fall back and stay alive when needed and also where he can control a certain location especially after he’s upgraded that is siege but the issue with siege is that it also requires high DPS which Surge just simply does not have, additionally it takes time for Surge to fully upgrade himself and seige can oftentimes be ended in the first or second push, long before Surge is gonna be able to upgrade his third time.

Maybe he’s not going to be the best option for most Maps and in most situations.


I’m gonna put them in the A tier for both gem grab and hot zone. Surge can fall back if needed in both of these modes and the goal is to control an area which is exactly what he does the best especially after he’s fully upgraded. I think the Surge is going to be slightly better in gem grab than in hot zone but I think the A tier is still the best that I can give him for either of these modes. Overall I think the people aren’t going to be super great with Surge but I think the skilled players who are good at knowing their limits and falling back when needed could really be excellent with him.

I think he’s like a little bit more on the less than average side when it comes to overall strength but he is incredibly fun to play if you get him fully upgraded, so he’ll be worth playing I’m really curious to know what you guys think about Surge after reading this.

So let me know how strong you’ll think he’ll be on a scale from one to ten. Subscribe for more sneak peek updates until then PEACE!

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