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Brawl Stars Update! New Brawler SPROUT Plus New Skins


It is time for the Sprout Olympics Brawl Stars update! We’re gonna be covering everything you need to know about the new brawler Sprout and afterward, I’m gonna be showing you the Horace Bo – Tanukie Jessie and coach Mike skins.


Let’s get into it brawler overview Sprout is officially the sixth mythic brawler which actually makes a lot of sense because of how complex its mechanics are it will be released on April 10th and you heard me right guys it’s an it.

8-bit isn’t he be a sassy and sprout is an it.

Sprout is all about planting life in making the world a greener place fertilizing I like trees attack seed bomb sprout throws a ball of seeds that explodes on impact and deal splash damage to enemies if it doesn’t hit a target it bounces around before blowing up. It’s actually kind of like Rico’s attack where it will just keep on bouncing off of walls until it either hits a target or it reaches max range one thing that is different about sprouts attack from other throwers like Dynamite or Barley is that it will always either stop before it hits a wall or it will reach over a wall rather than being wasted on like the center of a big wall super hedge.


Sprout throws a super seed that grows a thick wall of vines players on either team can not walk through these vines and they will stay on the field until 10 seconds are up or unless a brawler with a wall braking ability is able to break it down.

This is useful in a lot of situations blocking people from important parts of the map like you know the gem mine and gem grab it can also be used to reroute the siege bots, buying a lot of extra time for you to defend. It can also be used to block an enemy team from scoring a brawl ball goal for up to 10 seconds or you can even trap an enemy team within their own spawn while your teammates actually bring you the ball for an easy goal then normally the super creates a small plus pattern that is three tiles wide and three tiles high but the wall actually increases in size if the super is positioned close to walls the radius of the wall can increase an additional tile in any direction if it will actually help that connect with other walls. You can actually use this knowledge to shape the way that the walls form by placing the Super’s at center in the right spot just for one example Sprout can actually completely surround himself by walls.

So that he can attack the enemy that cannot fire back at him a couple of random things to know if the super lens directly on a target the wall will actually just push them out of the way but they won’t take any damage if they spawn where a wall is, it’ll actually push them out of the way as well also you should note that the super gets rid of grass where it lands and as one final note on it’s super sprout can actually put down more than one set of walls if he’s able to charge up another super quickly enough gadget garden mulcher for sprouts gadget it consumes a bush to instantly restore 3000 health a bush must be right next to sprout in order for him to use it and the closest bush will be destroyed with each use this means that three times per match its kind of like sprout has seven point two thousand health which is slightly less than roses max health and is actually pretty impressive starpower overgrowth.

For sprout star power attacks that don’t make contact with enemies will actually explode with a larger radius than normal this significantly increases the explosion radius of Sprouts attacks and increases his total range potential making it much easier for him to hit targets at a distance who he would normally miss.

We don’t have any information on what his second star power will be or when that will be released now that we know the basics of how Sprout works let’s actually put it through a bunch of tests that are designed to see how it does against all other brawlers in various aspects of the game will start with sprouts worst test and then move our way up to its best test to see where Sprout really thrives.

Assassin test. This test is supposed to gauge how good a brawler is at assassinating a brawler with bolter attack and its super within three seconds sprout super doesn’t deal any damage and it’s only able to deal 4200 damage in three seconds and it actually cannot even reload a fourth shot before that happens this means the sprout actually places 30 third out of the 35 brawler’s in the game.

The boss test. This measure is a brawlers ability to still consist in damage over a long period of time Sprouts doesn’t have a super gadget or star power that helps it deal damage so it’s actually out a pretty significant disadvantage for this test. Now it takes about 2 minutes 20 seconds to take out the boss which actually places Sprout in 30-second place out of all of the brawler’s which is not very good at all sprout is not the best choice if the only thing you’re looking for is a lot of damage over time.

Super-charged test. This test measures how quickly a brawler charges their super and how often they’ll have it available sprout must hit four targets in order for it to charge it’s super and it super does not recharge, it super backup at all this means the sprout must hit four targets every single time and it relies on reloading that fourth shot if it’s facing off against single targets sprout takes 30th for the supercharge test.

The swarm test. This test measures how well a brawler is able to deal with multiple targets unfortunately for sprout it just is 100 damage shy of enough damage to get rid of a bot with every single attack additionally sprout star power only activates if a shot does not hit a target which means that sprout requires nearly perfect aim to hit four targets at once it’s super doesn’t help at all and it takes route 19.6 seconds to complete the challenge this put sprout in 30th place for the swarm test.

The attack test. This test helps us understand how a brawler will interact with other brawlers in a 1v1 situation sprouts does 1,400 damage with a single attack which is actually the same amount of damage as an attack from gene at close range without Genes at spier slap star power and this means that sprout will not be able to one-shot or to shot any brawlers and brawl stars however sprout is able to three-shot 12 of the 35 dollars in the game this includes Tick, Barley,  Crow, Piper, Spike, Rico, Brock, Colt, Dyna, Mike, Mr. P and other sprouts this puts sprout in 27th place for the attack test.

The dive test. This test measures a brawler’s ability to deal damage while also under heavy fire sprout throws three quick attacks and also uses its gadget to heal 3000 HP this gives sprout just enough time to reload and fire one more animal before getting taken out in total sprout is able to deal 5600 damage which places it in 23rd place for the dive test.

The race test. Now this test measures how quickly a brawler can go from one side of the arena to the other, sprout has a normal movement speed and it doesn’t get any help from its attack super gadget or star power which means that it ties with 13 other brawlers for 22nd place.

Reload test. This test measures how long it will take for a brawler to unload and reload 10 ammo, therefore, giving us an accurate measurement for the speed sprout takes twenty point two seconds to complete this test which is actually very slightly faster than dynamite close enough that you could probably estimate that it’s about the same. This isn’t a super slow reload speed but it’s also not a very fast one this place is sprout in 15 out of all 35 dollars which is pretty average.

The range test. Sprout has a throw range of 4 and 2/3 tiles but after it lands the attack will bounce up to 3 and 1/3 tiles further for a total reach of eight tiles now with its star power assuming that it does not hit a target the projectile will explode with a three tile radius which gives sprout a total attack range of 11 tiles. This is the fifth longest reaching attack and has the same reach as intact from Gene. Now for its super it can be thrown eight tiles and there are some situations where it will have a radius of two tiles giving it a total range of 10 tiles long because attacks and supers are included in the range test sprout only places 14th in this test but its effective range is obviously much better than most brawlers 11 tiles is a very long range for an attack that can also deal 1400 damage instantly.

The push and pull test. Now will actually use this test to measure sprout super against other brawlers because it’s super doesn’t actually do any damage. This test measures how far a brawler can either push or pull a brawler now in the right situation sprout can push a brawler up to two tiles with its super which puts it in eighth place for this test now.

We are down to the two best tests for sprout are you able to guess what they are bonus points if you can.

The survival test. Now Sprout only has 4,200 health which is the 24th best health in the game now that’s not the most health but with the use of its gadget it’s able to heal 3000 health three times per match by consuming a bush sprout used its super to position the sniper close enough so we could actually do this which means that it’s able to use this gadget. This allows sprout to survive for 36 point three seconds which puts it in 4th place for this test now I should mention that the rankings are from pre gadget tests so this might not be completely accurate but I’ll be redoing the Olympics to include gadgets so make sure you guys stay tuned for that.

And now it’s time for sprouts number event the wall test yeah I know no other brawler can create walls but you know I felt like we were just kind of picking on sprout because we were ignoring his best feature this entire time so I made this test just for sprout this test measures the total amount of tiles of wall that a brawler can create now sprout can create up to ten tiles of wall in most situations however if sprout positions it’s super perfectly it can create up to 17 tiles of wall with one super now this is not a useful place to put a wall on defense because the enemy can still score a goal but on offense it makes it so the enemies are trapped while your team still can score which is it takes some practice to get this perfectly but if you get it right it’s gonna be very annoying for a lot of people now that we talked about sprout.

Brawl Stars Update: NEW SKINS!


I also wanted to cover the new skins coming to brawl size because I think that they are legitimately some of the coolest skins we have ever had this is Horace Bo it is a supercell make skin created by Getty core and it costs 150 gems now I am going to tell you right now that isn’t it saying the good price for how good this skin is it could easily cost 300 gems just don’t tell supercell I said the details on this game are so good from the golden ornaments to the Eagle headdress and of course the fact that it’s like floating midair is seriously so cool now for his attack he shoots out bursts of lightning and even his super was revamped it really does not get much cooler than this but that is not all ok his winning animation it’s so good and he also has a really cool losing animation where he actually gets sucked into a pyramid scheme I mean a pyramid heat he gets sucked into an actual pyramid this is it.


Tanukie Jesse this is a regular permanent skin and it will cost 150 gems. Now Jesse wears a tanuki cap which if you guys didn’t know a tanuki or tanuki however you say it in Japanese is a Japanese raccoon dog all it does the gun get remade and she gets a new backpack she also gets a tail wags back and forth that’s adorable ok now scrappy also gets remade into its enoki as well in game jesse shoots out giant acorns and parts of their shells actually break off whenever they hit a okay now scrappy also shoots out many acorns as well which is just cute and hilarious and the skin doesn’t come with any changes to the winning or losing poses but it’s I still absolutely think it’s worth 150 gems it’s just so cool.


This is coach Mike he’s got a little bit more comfortable in his sweats and now he’s juggling explosive balls when he’s had some down time right now his mines are also replaced with the balls in the game and for a super he throws the entire basket of explosives and for his winning animation he jumps up before he starts juggling the mines and for his old losing animation he throws his hat in a rage e-fit and it’s especially hilarious because you get to see his bald head and his bird blowing the whistle at the very top which you think that bird would just like whistle itself but you know whatever a whistling bird whistling is confusing times guys this kids also worth under 150 gems definitely worth it if you ask me let me know what you think about these skins.

Also, let me know how strong you think sprout is going to be now as someone who’s actually played it only against bots it’s really difficult for me to say how strong sprout is going to be exactly so I’ve got an idea on how I can actually like show you guys how sprout is going to compare to the other throwers so stay tuned for that I do think that sprout is going to be a high skill cat brawler and he’s gonna feel really game-breaking and in like the hands of the right players they’re able to use that super in the right way but I think most of the time it’s probably just gonna feel a little lackluster right I could see its best modes being a gem grab a brawl ball and siege and I think that it’ll struggle and showdown heist and bounty.

So what do you guys think about Sprout let me know in the comments down below. My personal gut reaction is that he is going to be a ton of fun to play is he going to be extremely strong I mean I don’t know about extremely strong I think he’s going to be good the explosion radius on his shots is really nice but they don’t do a ton of damage they’re just they’re decent his reload speed is very low and it’s not like he has a ton of mobility but the wild card here is the ability to create those walls and the unique ways that I see people using them in game. It’s going to be ridiculously awesome I think there’s gonna be some really great YouTube stuff that comes out of sprout as a brawler some really funny stuff so we’ll be looking forward to those and I wouldn’t be doing those myself in fact we’re going to be unlocking and maxing out sprout day 1 as you know we always do drop some gems hurt my wallet make you guys happy hopefully and we’re gonna get to play Sprout.



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