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New Brawl Stars Game Mode Ideas


Current Brawl Stars Game Modes

This article centers around possible new Brawl Stars game modes coming in the future.

Before we begin, let me list down all the current Brawl Stars Game Modes:

Now on to new game mode ideas — note: none of these are confirmed, they were thought of and created solely by me – Prometheus, a Brawl Stars veteran.

Brawl Stars Game Mode Ideas

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Conquest Brawl Stars Game Mode

Basic Info

We’ll start with my favorite idea, Conquest. This is a classic 3v3 match under a time limit of 3 minutes (same as Bounty.) What makes this game mode unique is that the spawn points move. I’ll explain some more. Here is a basic layout of the map:


The map is a bit longer and skinnier than Bounty. As you can see, there are two sides: blue and red. The white circles represent spawn zones, and the gray area is the No Man’s Land. The objective of the game is to have your team’s portion of the map (the blue side) be larger at the end of the game.

Increasing your territory is achieved by advancing forward. If all 3 of your teammates are inside the No Man’s Land, your team’s line will start to move forward, and the other team’s will start to move back. If any of your teammates move back into your territory or die, the line will stop moving forward. If all 6 people, everyone from both teams, is in the No Man’s Land, neither line will move.

You can win early if you force the No Man’s Land all the way to the back wall on the opponent’s side. This would mean their line would be against the wall, and they would have no territory. In order to do so, at least one of their team members must be currently dead. Otherwise they would all be in the No Man’s Land and it wouldn’t move forward.

You always spawn right at the front of your territory, so you don’t have to run all the way back into battle (which is a big problem in Heist, and to a lesser extent, other game modes).

Capture the Flag

Basic Info:

Yes, I had to include this classic gamemode. However, I saw many flaws in a Capture The Flag style with only 2 teams. With 3 teams of 3, it makes this gamemode extremely unique. Take a look at the map below:


As you can see, the map is a triangle. The little symbol in the middle is the flag. To win, you must bring the flag back into your “base”, which is color coded by the map above. You also spawn in your base.

The flag has 1000 health. To obtain it, you must get the last shot off of it. The flag symbol is then on top of your head. You must run back into your base to win the game. If someone from another team kills you, the flag will then appear on whoever got the last hit.

In this gamemode, it would be tactical to place someone from your team on another team’s side or in between their two sides. This way if their team got the flag, you could prevent them from making it back to base.

Each map would need obstacles surrounding the middle so people can’t snipe down the flag and run back to their base within the first moments of the game. Also since two teams lose and only one wins, the trophies gained would be greater than the trophies lost.

King of the Hill Brawl Stars Game Mode

Basic Info:

So, I’ve seen this suggested a lot, and decided to go for my own take on it. Get ready, there is a lot of explaining to do! This mode would be like showdown, where there are no teams, well… not supposed to be any teams and it will have the energy bottles. However, unlike any other gamemode, you don’t all spawn at the same time. Like .io games, you enter an already ongoing match.

The map is the same size and shape as showdown, but it never gets smaller. You can spawn randomly anywhere in the map. Upon spawn, you’ll have one energy bottle. When you kill someone, you get all of their energy bottles. The more energy bottles you have when you die, the more trophies you earn.

This is where it gets interesting. You know how if you don’t attack or don’t get hit for a certain amount of time, you heal? Well in this game mode hitting someone halts your regeneration, rather than only attacking/not getting hit. But the more energy bottles, the less you heal. In fact, once you reach 10 energy bottles you don’t heal at all. After that you start losing health instead of healing. As soon as your cooldown period ends and you start ‘regenerating health’, you would actually start to lose health!  So at 20 total energy bottles, or more, you lose as much health as you would normally heal. To prevent this, you’d need to be hit by someone (which wouldn’t do you much good) or hit someone and have magnificent aim! 

This way, the better you get, the harder it is to stay alive. It also prevents camping and surprise attacking while with lots of energy bottles.

Here is a rough system of trophies gained:

Energy Bottle(s) at end of match Trophies earned
1 -5
2 -3
3-5 -1
6-9 +1
10-14 +3
15-19 +5
20+ +8

I hoped you like reading this article with gamemode ideas. I do plan on writing more articles here in the future! Tell me what you think of the ideas in the comments or on the discord server.


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