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New Brawl Stars Characters – Stu Breakdown

Is STU the best free brawler

Is Stu one of the best Brawl Stars characters? Let’s find out! Let take a look at Stu Brawl Stars a little more closely. He’s one of the Brawl Star characters that is a brand-new member of the Brawls Star town and will be available for the players after the new updates arrive. 

This brawler’s specialty: It will be given for free for the players who have reached the 10000 trophies in the game’s trophy road. 

In the recent brawl talk video, published by supercell, developers have revealed all the upcoming features and changes in the Brawl Stars’ next update. With these Brawl Star characters, the players can able to see some new big features. 

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Before moving to the additional features, let’s have a look over this Brawl Star new character: 

Brawl Star New Brawler: Stu

Stu is the responsive crash test brawler of the game. He can simply be unlocked by giving the 10,000 trophies on the trophy road. 

The two striking features of the Brawl Star Stu are:

Also, he will be getting the new skin on the release.

When is Stu Coming to the Brawl Stars? 

According to the Brawl Star’s developers, the Stu launching date was 15th to 21st march. The Supercell also mentioned that Stu is not coming alone; it’ll come with the game’s new updates. The games update has been late and predicted to happen this week to next week. Supercell will also notify all the players before the launch. 


Stu’s Capabilities

This Brawl Star new brawler has 3,200 HP compared to other brawlers and a normal speed of movement. The attack is long-ranged, and his super is short-ranged. Stu is an offense-focused brawler, according to the players. 

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If we talk about the Stu gadgets, he has one gadget that makes him drop a booster that grants him a higher speed around the rivalry brawlers.  Lastly, his star power highly increases his super range, and another super can be selected to heal him instead. 

Stu deals with huge damages by hitting the max range. Since then, Stu’s dash is small, and there is no benefit of trying to hit the other brawlers at the maximum range, except if there’s an urgent thread. 

Lastly, Stu could be the best player if the feature will remain the same or is upgraded in the future. However, after the launch, the supercell has to overlook the severe threats as this character was the most anticipated character of 2021. 

Let us know your reviews on this character!


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