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How To Play Mortis Against Every Brawl Stars Character

Mortis Vs Every Brawler

The mysterious mythic Brawler strikes again! Now challenging every Brawler in the vicinity, who’s going to take up his challenge and gain victory? Let’s find out which one of the Brawl Stars Brawlers can win after going against Mortis Brawl Stars

Mortis Brawl Stars Attacks

What do we know about Mortis’ attacks? This deadly Brawler is a force to be reckoned with. His attacks consist of:

Mortis Brawl Stars Limitations

Wow! So many lethal qualities! But does he have any weaknesses or limits that permit his enemies to cause him damage?

Some of the negligible limitations of Mortis are:

Mortis Against Brawlers

Now, let’s see how much of a chance he has when he goes against every Brawl Stars Brawler:

Mortis 1v1 vs EVERY Brawler | MUCH STRONGER than you think! - YouTube

Mortis vs Mr P

What will happen when Mortis goes up against another mythic Brawler?

Mr P, a mythic suitcase-throwing maniac, can defeat Mortis by throwing his suitcases. His super allows him to summon his Robo-porter minions who attack his enemies just like the vampire bats that Mortis summons. It will be the battle for the ages where Mortis and Mr P fight each other, and their bats and Robo-porters battle among each other who will come out on top? Both of them have an equal chance of winning!

Mortis vs Penny

A mythic Brawler challenging a super rare Brawler! Who’ll take the victory cake?

Penny is a deadly rare Brawler who pierces her opponent by throwing pouches of gold from her blunderbuss. If her attacks miss the target and land behind them, they can still damage enemies within four tiles radius of the pouch. Mortis would have to dodge her attacks as well as use his speed to get away from the pouch to win and damage her by getting close. He can also use his swarm of bats to distract her and get close enough to defeat her!

Mortis vs Leon

The mythic Mortis Brawl Stars confronting the legendary Leon Brawl Stars! Who’s going to be victorious?

Leon can easily make fake copies of himself by using his gadget, which can be used against Mortis to confuse him. Then Leon can attack him using his spinner blades. Mortis can win by aiming at the real Leon and summon his bats to deal with the fake ones.

Stay tuned on our blog to stay updated on how Mortis can defeat all the Brawlers using the right strategies and steering the game to his favor by winning against them all!


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