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Mortis vs All Brawl Stars Characters

Mortis Vs Every Brawler

The famous Mythic Brawler, Mortis —Beware all who stand in Mortis Brawl Stars way! What happens when Mortis goes against all Brawl Stars Characters? 

As his primary attack, Mortis swings his mighty shovel around to hit his enemies and makes space for himself. His super consists of summoning up a swarm of vampire bats to do his bidding and drain his enemies’ health.

Mortis Strengths – Brawl Stars Characters 

Mortis Brawl Stars is one of the deadliest and strongest brawlers with more strengths than weaknesses. His strengths include:

Mortis Weaknesses – Brawl Stars Characters 

Some of his weaknesses include:

Mortis Going Against All Brawl Stars Characters

Let’s see how will he do if he goes against the Brawl Stars Characters.

Mortis vs Byron

What happens when two powerful mythic brawlers go against each other?

Byron is a mythic Brawl Stars Character whose primary attack is a single dart shot which damages his enemies over time. But if Byron goes against Mortis, who uses his shovel to hit his enemies, Byron can get easily killed unless he remains a safe distance away from Mortis and let his careful dose attack do the work.

Mortis vs Stu

A common brawler against a mythic brawler. Who will win?

Stu knocks down his enemies before they can make contact with him. Similarly, Mortis knocks his enemies with his shovel to kill them. This will be a test of speed and versatility, who knocks down who first and who manages to destroy their enemies more swiftly and efficiently.

Mortis vs Amber

Amber is a legendary brawler who will go against the mighty mythic brawler, Mortis. Who will win?

Amber uses her fire powers against her enemies, and Mortis uses his trusty shovel. Going against each other is a rather complex affair. Amber is a long-range Brawl Stars Character, and Mortis Brawl Stars is a short-range brawler. So, Mortis can either dodge Amber’s shots in time for a short-range shovel attack, or Amber can shoot Mortis before he can dodge her shot!

Mortis vs Colonel Ruffs

Colonel Ruffs is a chromatic Brawl Stars Character who will challenge our mysterious mythic brawler, Mortis. 

Colonel Ruffs uses two laser shots to kill his enemies, and Mortis uses the shovel. To win against Colonel Ruffs, Mortis would need to use his Super and Star Powers. Colonel Ruffs might miss his shots and lose against Mortis, but he can also use his unique super and star powers to render Mortis useless in order to win.

Mortis vs Rosa 

Rosa, a rare brawler against Mortis Brawl Stars, a mythic brawler. There is a good chance that Mortis might win the fight between them because the primary attack that Rosa uses is her fists to punch her opponent and win against them, whereas Mortis uses his mighty shovel to pave his way through and defeats his enemies!

Let’s play brawl stars and see who wins!

Share your thoughts about Mortis against all other Brawl Stars Characters 

Who do you think will win against Mortis, and who might lose the battle when they come face to face with Mortis. Let us know in the comments section below!


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