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The Ultimate Brawl Stars Tier List and Pro Tips for Max!


We’re gonna be going over a pro Max guide on today’s article and this is not a normal guide but an advanced mechanics guide. We’ll also talk about where Max stand on Brawl Stars Tier List of every game mode! So read till the end to be a professional Max player. In September – October 2020, Max is the strongest brawler in the game.


Pro Tips for Max!

Tip number one, auto-aim is your friend.

The reason why we say auto-aim is your friend is because Max’s shots are very quick and when the brawler goes in and engages it is very easy to hit those shots with auto-aim. I’m not saying auto-aim all the time, if you’re long range you’d probably be best to drag your shots and really aim them but if you are very close to an enemy brawler auto-aim can do the trick because the shots come out so fast and there’s so many of them as long as you’re moving with the enemy brawler your shoot most of your shots will connect. She has extreme burst damage and she can melt any brawlers.

Tip number two, Max is four ammo slots.

What does this mean? This means she is able to play more aggressive and not have to worry about missing a shot while going in compared to other brawlers in the game who have three or let’s just say one shot like Bea it gives her a huge advantage, do not worry about wasting time aiming every shot as she is a very fast reload speed as well and can quickly recover from missing a shot or two. Also, if you have her second star power, she is going to have much faster reload speed, and you won’t regret maxing out Max. Yes, Max the Max.

Tip number three player is a support assassin.

What does this mean? This means stay in the backline and slowly try to damage opponents until they are weak enough to fully engage with your entire team where they’re super fully charged. So you’ll be able to do a ton of damage and quickly get a position and finish off lowlife brawlers in the backline. However, after her damage buff, now you can play her extremely aggressive.

Tip number four, save your super.

What does this mean? This means that you should save your super before you really go in and engage enemy brawlers. When you have your super fully charged and your teammates have their super slowly charged as well it’s probably a good time to use your super to speed burst your entire team in there. Use your supers clear out the enemy team and then gain full control of the map. However in a 1v1 situation versus a weaker brawler if you have your super you can quickly get into a very very good position to be able to finish them off or kill them from a hundred to zero your super is a very very useful tool in order to get to where you need to be on the map including helping your teammates get into better positions as well. After September, when she got a super charge buff, now she charges super much faster. You can use super almost any time and charge it back in a split second.

Tip number five, Max’s Star Power

If supercharge star power equipped you want to make sure you’re always moving so it slowly charges up your super. So you’re being able to get into a better position if you need to in a crunch with that super ability. Max is only really good when the super is available for her but guys even if you’re in a bush continue to be moving cuz it’s still it charges up that super just stay in the bush so you still stay invisible if you have the running gun star power. However, you still want to be moving so you charge up your ammo shots faster which means you can use more ammo to gain it back by moving so guys if you’re Max and you have any star power equipped move shake and make baby tip numbers we didn’t use two hands.

Tip number six, your speed is your advantage.

The more you move around the map the more you go in and out of bushes, the better you are going to be with Max. The reason why is because she is one of the fastest brawlers in the game which allows her to move around the terrain and get into perfect positions better than almost any other brawler especially with her super. So just make sure that at all times you’re using your speed to her advantage because she is one of those brawlers that when she’s on the move she is dangerous, you don’t really want to ever stand still with Max because it won’t really help you in any way she’s a brawler that you definitely need to use the speed in order to be effective.




Now let’s move on over to the tier list we’re gonna start off at the D tier here and we have Siege and Heist the reason why Max is in the D tier in Siege is because on some maps she may be potentially can work but in the end, she can’t deal enough damage to the Ike. She just ends up taking bolts but if your team has a lot of high damage maybe she could you know get the bolts for them and get you that advice but just lackluster performance in it this game mode just there are so many other better brawler options for siege now heist why is she in the D tier for Max because she’s just not very good at dealing damage to the safe. When she does so little damage to the safe she can’t really get there and really pressure the enemy brawlers now there’s a lot of throwers and there’s a lot of tanks in heist so even if she counters all the throwers the moment she gets close enough to do that a tank will take her out making her pretty much useless in this game-mode.

In the current meta of Season 3, Max is going to be very good in Siege. She still won’t be amazing in heist, however.



Moving on to of the C Tier we have one game mode into this tier and that is bounty. The reason why max is on the C tier for bounty is because she just doesn’t do a lot of damage and she doesn’t have a lot of range to be that viable in bounty either she’ll struggle to get stars for her team and there are just so many other better brawler options than her in this game mode however she could use her super at the end with her team to get into a better position to maybe steal a win towards the end, that’s why we didn’t quite put her in the B tier here for the bounty. She’s an okay brawler for this I mean she is a range attacker, she has a lot of movement speed but she just doesn’t do enough damage to be a higher tier in the bounty game-mode.



Moving on to the B tier game modes for max we have three of them. They are gem grab, solo showdown, and hot zone. The new game mode the reason why she is in the B tier here for solo showdown is because she is a very very good at surviving. She excels at surviving with her movement speed and when it gets down to like the last three or four brawlers she can use her super if it is charged up maybe get into a good position and steal a kill or run away from an enemy brawler getting her into a better position to survive till the end in solo showdown you really don’t need to win in order to gain trophies so it’s all about survivability and matte has a ton of survivability for this game-mode.

Now for gem grab why is Max in the B tier here for gem grab the reason why is because Max is a very very good support. She could help her teammates run away with her speed boost / super and she can ensure victory when they have a countdown now if you’re trying to chase an enemy team her super can pretty much do a hard engage with all of your brawlers on your team once they charge up all of their super you can do a one huge super super super that’s three supers. All your brawlers on the team all at once and do a ton of damage with that movement speed getting into the perfect position in order to steal the gems and then bring them back to your side.

Now hot zone is the last game mode in the B tier. Max this is still kind of one of those testing out game modes because it just kind of came into the game but I feel like you know with everybody that we were discussing on this I feel like B tier here was the best place to put her because she is a very fast brawler she could get that speed boost where you could just go in there speed boost your teammates clear out enemy brawlers then just stand on the zone with the last 30 seconds left when there is a double time pretty much where you get double points for standing in the zone at that time and then slowly either come back or secure the victory at that point I think her movement speed definitely helps her out in a hot zone, it was kind of one of those things where is she seats here hot zone and she beats your hot zone right now we’re gonna keep her at the beats here maybe we’ll be changing that in the future but right now I think with her moving speed with the super that helps her bro fellow brawlers as well I’m gonna say B tier for hot zone.

Solo Showdown now is rated S for Max.



Moving on to the A Tier here, we have two game modes for Max in this tier, it is brawl ball and duo showdown. The reason why she is in the A tier for brawl ball is because brawl ball is all about mobility and so is Max now this was really tough to decide whether she was going to be in the S tier or the A tier 4 brawl ball but decided to put her in it A tier for this just because she just doesn’t do a lot of damage it isn’t very good at defending however she is a very mobile brawler and is able to score very quickly and most teams do not expect how fast she is when she charges up the super super charges in there gets the ball and then shoots on an interesting angle because she is able to get into perfect position because she is so fast. Now the reason why she is so good also at Brawl ball is because her super also speeds up her teammates to get them into a better position to get into a very good engage to be able to score those last-second goals especially when there is no terrain in overtime.

Moving on to the second game mode in the A tier it’s duo showdown. The reason why she’s in the eights here in duo showdown is because it’s a little bit better than solo showdown for Max because her super also charges her teammates speed as well now what she can also do is use her super to charge in there and get power cubes that are laying on the floor after enemy brawlers are dead from other teams and then zoom back out and get an advantage for her and her teammate as well now she’s very good at survival just like she was in solo show down so she can shake and bake get in and out and really survive even if your teammate died she can run out of there zoom out of there wait for her teammate to rise up and then go back in which is very good because duo showdown if you finish in second place every game you are gaining trophies and you are advancing up so her movement speed definitely a positive in solo showdown but in duo showdown especially when you have a teammate that can benefit from the super as well definitely an extra bonus there and that’s gonna land her in the A Tier four duo showdown.


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