Brawl Stars UP!

Brawl Stars March Update: New Brawler Carl, New Game Mode Siege And More!

Brawl Stars March Update

Yes, you have heard it right guys. We are going to have another huge Brawl Stars update in this March with new Brawler Carl, new game mode Siege and tons of other Quality of Life Improvements!

Brawl Stars March 2019 Big Update

New Brawler: Carl!

In this huge update, the Brawl Stars team is going to release a brand new pickaxe wielding Brawler with the following information:

Rarity: Super Rare

Main Attack: Pickaxe

Super Attack: Tailspin

When you use the Super, Carl increases his speed and whirls his Pickaxe in a 360° radius, dealing damage to the enemies nearby.

Star Power: Power Throw

The Star Power increases the flight speed of the Pickaxe, allowing it to travel and return a lot faster, thus increasing his DPS.

New 3v3 Game Mode: Siege

Siege, the new 3v3 game mode, will also get released in the upcoming huge March update!

In Siege, each team has a base which can defend itself using a Cannon. The target of each side in the Siege mode is to destroy the enemy home base.

Players collect the Bolts spawning at the middle of the map. The team which has more Bolts will be able to construct a Robo during the certain intervals of the match. Help the Robo push into the enemy home base!

This game mode lasts longer than the others, thus it gives X2 rewards, trophies and XP!

The Siege mode contains new game environment, coming up with 3 new maps!



Balance Changes

Heist: Safe HP increased from 36,000 to 40,000

Robo Rumble: The robots will target the safe right after they get enrage.

Showdown: The amount of healing mushrooms decreased at the late of the match.

All Maps: Item Pickup Radius (Gems, Energies etc) increased from 1 tile to 1.33 tiles.

Barley: Main attack and Super DPS increased from 640 to 680.

Bo: Main attack damage increased from 480 to 500


Crow: Main attack reload time decreased from 1.5s to 1.4s


Mortis: Start Power healing decreased from 1800 to 1400.

Pam: Main attack reload time increased from 1.2s to 1.3s

Darryl: Super autocharging time increased from 20s to 30s

New Maps!

New maps shared by the community will be added in this update.

New Event Rotation

New Sounds & Visual Effects

Added new visuals for Pam, Barley, Mortis, Penny and Royal Agent Colt.

Added new voice for Gene, Clash Royale Birthday menu sound. Meteor Volume lowered.

Quality of Life Improvements

Bug Fixes

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