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Insider View of Leon vs All Brawl Stars Characters

Leon Vs Every Brawl Stars Character

One of the strongest Legendary Brawl Stars characters, Leon Brawl Stars, will turn invisible before your eyes and strike! 

What will happen if he goes up against all the other Brawlers in Brawl Stars?

Leon uses spinner blades at close range to render his enemies damaged! He also has some super cool gadgets that make fake clones of him that confuse his enemies, and he can use his trusty Super to become invisible!

Leon Strengths – Brawl Stars Characters

Despite having some minor weaknesses, Leon can easily overcome them and come on top due to his strengths!

Leon Weaknesses – Brawl Stars Characters

Some of his minor weaknesses include:

Leon Up Against All Brawl Stars Characters

Let’s see how Leon Brawl Stars copes against all the other Brawl Stars Characters!

Leon, a Legendary Brawler vs Sandy, another Legendary Brawler! Who will come on top?

SANDY vs LEON - Brawl Stars 1 vs 1 - ¿QUIÉN ES MEJOR? - YouTube

Sandy can use his Super and cause a sand storm making him invisible to his enemies. Similarly, Leon can also become invisible using his Super. An equal match! It will be a battle for the ages! Both hurtling blades and pebbles at each other, and whoever hits the other can cause the most damage!

Leon vs Mr. P

A Legendary Brawler against a mythic Brawler! Who will defeat the other?

Mr. P is a suitcase-throwing maniac who damages his enemies by throwing suitcases at them as his primary attack. His super enables him to summon his Robo-porter spawns to attack his enemies. Leon can easily dodge Mr. P’s suitcases by becoming invisible and attacking Mr. P from behind, which gives him a greater advantage and an easy victory! 

Leon vs Barley

A rare Brawler against a Legendary one, what are the odds? Who will take the crown?

This rare mad scientist attacks his enemies by throwing harmful liquid bottles at them and causing splash damage. Leon can defeat him by dodging his attacks and becoming invisible. He can strategize and attack Barley with his spinner blades. Barley can also slow him down using his gadget and attack him.

Leon vs Dynamike

Dynamike, a common Brawler against Leon Brawl Stars, a Legendary Brawler, who can garner victory?

This short-tempered Brawler uses dynamite sticks to his advantage and throws them at his enemies to damage them. Leon can easily dodge his attacks. If Dynamike uses his Super, Leon might have a small chance of survival because Dynamike’s Super consists of a large barrel bomb that explodes over an area causing high damage.

Leon vs Colette

Colette, a chromatic Brawler against Leon, a Legendary Brawler, who’ll take the cake?

Brawl Stars COLETTE VS LEON !! - YouTube

Colette’s primary power consists of throwing heart-shaped projectiles at her enemies and reducing their health by 37%. This amount of damage causes more damage to high health Brawlers and low damage to low health Brawlers. 

Final thoughts Leon and other Brawl Stars characters

Leon has medium health, but getting hit might cause him a lot of damage. So, winning against her would require a lot of evasive movements and well-timed spinner shots.

Who do you think would defeat Leon? And who do you think will Leon defeat? Comment down below and let us know your take on Leon Brawl Stars!


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